Q. Can I get LASIK surgery done while on acne treatment?

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Dr. Shikha
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Hi doctor,

I have scheduled for LASIK eye surgery this week. I am currently using Acticlate tablets, Onexton and Epiduo (topical gel) for acne, which was prescribed by my dermatologist. Will there be any issues or side effects with LASIK surgery? I checked with my eye doctor and he said no problems or interactions. When I checked on the internet, I got to know that some issue may occur if the person use Accutane for acne. But, I want to confirm whether it is fine to get LASIK eye surgery while taking treatment for acne. Also, I will not use them on surgery day. Please advise.

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Dr. Shikha

M.B.B.S.., DNB
General Practitioner Ophthalmology (Eye Care)


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • You can use all of them. Usually, the side effect of these drugs includes a slight increase in risk of dryness of the eyes. Along with LASIK, there is slightly more increased risk.
  • As you have informed your doctor, I think that it will be taken care of postoperatively using lubricant eye drops.
  • So, you need not worry and you can continue to use all these drugs.

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Thank you doctor,

I do not have any dryness or side effects as of now after using them for two months. My skin is improving and the acne is clearing as well. I am fine if there are eye drops to heal and relieve dryness. Hope it does not cause any issue that cannot get fixed. Thanks again.

Dr. Shikha

M.B.B.S.., DNB
General Practitioner Ophthalmology (Eye Care)


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

  • No, acne is a very common problem.
  • People having acne have increased tendency of dryness due to tear film instability that tendency is further increased by using these medications. The tendency is more if there is accompanying systemic disorder.
  • It seems you do not have any systemic disorder. You can go for the surgery without any tension.

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