Q. How can we manage the changes that happen during menopause?

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Hi doctor,

How can we manage the symptom changes that happen during menopause? Please say about the natural remedies used to handle them. Please explain about the lifestyle changes, foods, and exercise that needs to be changed during menopause. How does it work for menopausal women having hot flashes, dryness and mood changes? Please suggest.

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Dr. Mashfika N Alam
Family Physician, General Practitioner


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The following remedies can be tried. It has been effective in varying proportions. When having mood swings, irritability, and depression, try to do exercise daily like jogging, running or walking. It is very effective. Yoga and meditation or deep breathing exercise can also help to control these symptoms. Avoid drinking coffee and tea. Avoid taking sugary foods and fatty foods. Occasional body massage can also be helpful.

When having hot flushes, try to drink plenty of water preferably cool water. Avoid taking hot beverages and stimulants like tea and coffee. Wear loose clothes. Avoid having a warm bath. Herbs such as soy and black cohosh have been used to control hot flushes. Phytoestrogen containing food can also be used to control hot flushes. Try to read books before bedtime when having insomnia. Listen to calming music before going to bed. Do yoga or meditation daily.

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