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Can Minoxidil help overcome my hair loss?


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Published At March 12, 2024
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I have been using Minoxidil for a while to combat pattern hair loss, and I am curious about its long-term effects. Are there any concerns or considerations I should be aware of regarding extended use? Additionally, are there alternative methods or supplementary treatments I could explore alongside or instead of Minoxidil to manage pattern hair loss? I am looking for a comprehensive approach to address my hair loss concern. Kindly suggest.

Thank you.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I can understand your concern.

Before providing the details of the medications are procedures that can be done for hair loss treatment, I would like to give you an insight regarding the reasons for hair loss. Hair loss can occur due to multiple reasons which include genetic susceptibility wherein the concern of hair thinning, as well as hair loss, runs within the family, due to hormonal variations that cause a weakening of the hair roots, stress, presence of dandruff, due to dietary fluctuations and reduced intake of proteins, due to location changes, due to the type of water which is used for bathing, due to medical condition, due to any recent history of fever which includes chickenpox, dengue and any minor or major surgeries.

I suggest you follow the below mentioned instructions.

  1. Get a blood test done in order to rule out any deficiencies which include blood tests for the vitamin D3, B12, ferritin, and thyroid profile.
  2. A multivitamin which includes biotin can be used for intake daily after dinner for three months
  3. Protein powder (Soy protein) mixed with one glass of skimmed milk or water can be consumed daily after breakfast for three months. It is very important to include protein sources of pulses and grains, egg whites, soya chunks, and quinoa to help with hair restoration
  4. Oiling of the scalp can be considered once a week. A combination of three parts coconut oil, two parts of castor oil, and one part of vitamin E capsule oil can be mixed and applied on the scalp, left for one hour, and washed off with an anti-hair for shampoo. Anti-hair fall serum (Keratin) can be used. These are alternatives for minoxidil. They can also be coupled with Minoxidil for increased effectiveness and augmentation. These serums can be used in the morning or at night in one ml quantity for the entire scalp and massaged into the scalp, kept for at least eight hours, and washed off.
  5. Anti-hair fall shampoo (Betaine) can be used once a week after oil to reduce the chances of hair fall.
  6. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection procedure can be done to reduce hair fall and strengthen the hair root. In this procedure, the doctor extracts 10 to 12 ml of blood and spins the test tube in a centrifugal machine for 10 to 15 minutes which releases the platelets which are also growth factors. This part of the blood is then extracted via an insulin syringe, extracted, and injected into the scalp. This is usually done once a month for six months to enhance hair growth and reduce hair fall by strengthening the hair root.
  7. Medications along with procedures show the best results for hair growth.
  8. Minoxidil with the combination of finasteride solution can be applied once or twice daily on the entire scalp. Make sure to use only one ml quantity for the entire scalp and it has to be massaged onto the scalp, left for at least eight hours or overnight, and washed off in the morning. Minoxidil should not be abruptly stopped. The idea is to increase the circulation of the blood thereby helping with hair growth from the root level. When minoxidil is abruptly stopped, it causes an obliteration in the blood vessel circulation thereby causing the hair to fall off. Therefore, minoxidil has to be only gradually reduced over the years. It is usually advised to use minoxidil for three to four years and gradually reduce it by a day every six months till it becomes a weak application for six months which then can be stopped. This will help in keeping the blood supply steady without any fluctuations and help the scalp to adapt to the same. Apart from the same, there are no other side effects unless there is a history of allergy to Minoxidil.
  9. During usage of Minoxidil, the multivitamins, supplements, shampoo and serums which has been mentioned above can be used along with PRP treatments in order to enhance hair growth and strengthen the hair root.

Kindly consult a specialist, talk to them, and take the medications with their consent.

I hope this information will help you.

Thank you.

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Dr. Sandhya Narayanan Kutty
Dr. Sandhya Narayanan Kutty


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