Q. I have numbness and tightness in my left temple extending up to the cheekbone. What could it be?

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Hello doctor,

For about a week without any history, I have tightness and numbness in my left temple, and sometimes it reaches the left cheekbone. I went to the dentist and ENT. They did not find anything. What can it be? I usually sleep on the left side. I feel the pressure and no pain. Can it be something bad?



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First of all, it does not seem to be bad. I want to enquire a little bit more about the tightness symptoms. Is it always present? Or is it throbbing? Is the tightness more in the daytime or the night time? One-sided symptoms in the head, especially in the temple in a young female, are typical of migraine symptoms. Now migraine starts typically as a one-sided throbbing headache, or it can be at the top of the head or can be both-sided accompanied by nausea or vomitings or some giddiness episodes. But is associated with a need to rest in a dark silent room.

How is the tightness in severity so far? Does it increase by any means? Have you taken any medication for the same? Do you have any watering of the eye with a headache? Do you have an exaggeration of symptoms in the sunlight or when you are hungry? Are these symptoms accompanied by a feeling of resting in a quiet room, and are they accompanied by nausea or vomiting?

For now, I advise you to take tablet Aleve (Naproxen sodium) 500 mg twice daily for two days and then get back with us for a follow-up.

Thank you doctor,

Yes, it is most of the day there, especially when I have anxiety or pressure during the day. I do not think I have migraine symptoms. I think the pressure increase when I feel anxiety, pressure, or tired. I have taken only Algofren (Ibuprofen). The answer is no to all these questions. I feel this pressure on the left side temple and numbness until the upper cheekbone during the day. It comes and goes. But it is always there. Does it matter that I sleep and press the left side of his head to sleep? Can it be from stress or TMJ? What do you think?



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Symptoms increasing during anxiety but more or less still present during the entire day warrants more attention. Since the answer to those migraine questions is no, we need to further ask more questions and request you to answer these questions.

How is your mood for the entire day? Has there been a change in your mood or any mood swings? How are your energy levels during the entire day? How do you sleep and eat these days, and are you killing yourself in recreational activities as you did before? Do you feel interested in your daily routine work or your work in general? Are you doing good with the kids and paying attention to their work or the things they do in general?

Do you have any fever? Any loss of weight? Have your clothes become loose on you? Has this numbness or tightness bothered you enough to wake you up from sleep? Have you ever had these episodes in the past? Are there any other neurological symptoms that you can explain or may have a need to explain? It does not matter which side you sleep on. Our human body is strong enough to tackle such regular sleeping postures. Yes, stress is a strong possibility. It does not seem to be a TMJ problem as these problems exaggerate more with that chewing, opening, or closing mouth in general while kissing activities. They also seem to start while you are doing these activities.

Thank you doctor,

I am in a good mood, generally. I do the same things every day. I did not feel anything different. I eat and sleep well. And I did not lose weight. I maintain the same weight. I work these days from home, and I work eight hours a day on a computer. I also have two little kids.



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We need to clear our bases by asking the above questions whenever a patient around 40 approaches us for any tightness symptoms around the head but since the answer to most of the questions is a no, so we are all good and there does not seem to be any indication of an imaging. So with no further questions, please take tablet Aleve 500 mg or Algofren 200 mg twice a day for around five days and then make a follow-up call. Also, do some abdominal breathing exercises to reduce any stress levels. There is nothing to worry about now, and you can continue with your routine life and get back after three days.

Thank you doctor.

One last question. Can it be a malignancy? I do not have such things in the past.



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The CNS's malignancies are larger in size and cause symptoms because of the pressure they generate in the head, which will usually cause early morning headaches, weight loss, dizziness, personality changes, loss of a part of the vision, altered smell, seizures, and vomitings in the early morning.

There is no definite way to diagnose the management of smaller size lesions except for CT (computed tomography) of the head or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Since you do not have the above symptoms and your symptoms have lasted for a week, it is best advised to take the above-mentioned medications and then follow up after a few days. The risk of malignancy at your age is similar to any person who has these kind of symptoms or even who is symptom-free. So that means your general malignancy risk is on par with others. After taking these medications for a few days, please do not continue taking painkillers for an extended period.

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