Q. Why the ear pain increased after using prescribed ear drops?

Answered by Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abelrahman Abouibrahim and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

A few months back, I had ear pain and according to the doctor, I had a fungal infection and got my ear cleansed and prescribed some drops for my ear to be used. As I used those ear drops my ear pain got increased and it turned into a very severe pain that I start feeling that some fluid was dropping from my throat and felt like that was a fluid from my brain, also felt like my brain is drying from inside. And I could not sleep because it feels like something is frozen in my brain.

I am feeling better now but I still feel tensions in muscles and do not see any further progress in my condition. I feel like I have head muscle weakness and got to have some X-rays or something. Please advice.

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Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abelrahman Abouibrahim
General Medicine, Internal Medicine


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I understand your concerns.

Regarding your ear pain, it is most likely what is called otitis externa which is an infection of the outer canal of the ear most likely fungal. Wet ear is the most common cause also called swimmer's ear. The most appropriate management:

  1. Keep your ear dry. Use earplugs when showering or swimming.
  2. Antifungal ear drops for ten days.
  3. Cipro ear drops three times for one week as antibiotic.
  4. Anti-inflammatory ear drops for one week.
  5. Follow up is required.

Regarding the brain fluid issue, it is not possible for the brain fluid to drain without being exposed to significant trauma.

As for your muscle weakness and tension, I need more details:

  1. Do you feel weakness on one side or both sides?
  2. Legs, arms, or both?
  3. Since when?
  4. Is it progressive?
  5. Is there stiffness in certain muscles?
  6. Have you tried any local creams or meds?

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