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Q. How to cure pearly penile papules?

Answered by
Dr. Gaurang Gupta
and medically reviewed by Dr. Hemalatha
This is a premium question & answer published on Jun 01, 2017 and last reviewed on: Nov 07, 2019

Hi doctor,

For three days, I am have been having some reddish pink and white spots on the inner part of the penis. It is exactly on the corona, the under area of the head of the penis. Also, I have slight soreness on the inner part of the foreskin near the spots. It smells unpleasant. It is itchy and mildly painful to touch. I do not have any problem in urinating. I have been using coconut oil twice a day for lubrication. I feel generally unwell and low temperature of about 99.0-99.5 degree Fahrenheit. But, fever may not be related to this and can be coincidental. I am not sexually active for some time. I have been going to the gym for about four months and on a high protein diet for the past three weeks. It includes protein shake, four egg whites a day, etc. I am attaching some photos, so that the position is clear and no ambiguity remains in the line of treatment to be administered to me. Thank you.



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  • These are nothing, just glands (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It is called a penile pearly papule.
  • These are glands, which become enlarged. These glands are sebaceous and oil gland, which secrets fluids and keep the penile area wet.
  • It is a normal thing and does not require any treatment.
  • Your fever has no relation with with this and may be due to touching it again and again it becomes painful. So, be relaxed and forget it.

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Thank you doctor,

You have put my anxiety to rest. I read about PPP and thought as much, but I believe PPP is not painful. How to cure the pain? Also, how long would this take to go away. Can I use some ointment for it to go away quickly?



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  • There is some mild irritation as you are using oil and touching it. This is the reason for mild pain. No treatment or ointment needed.
  • You just forget it and your other complaint will also disappear gradually.

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Hello doctor,

The issue was resolved to almost nil after 5-7 days of your last advice. However, the issue has cropped up again, more menacingly this time. It appears to be penile psoriasis. Please confirm. It is painful, with odor and is not wanting to go away since 15 days now. Applying coconut oil twice a day to avoid friction. The reason for I think it as penile psoriasis is because I am experiencing some scaling on scalp and eyebrows. I have been on a heavy protein diet (with gymming) including protein shake. Could this be due to stopping the whey protein shake by any chance?



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I closely looked at the photos (attachment removed to protect patient identity)

The small white bump like lesions are penile pearly papule which we have discussed earlier. Second thing I can see is erosion like lesion which is painful and completely different from pearly papule. It looks like herpes. I to know about few questions.

1. Did you have sexual contact and after that it came? 2. How painful it is? 3. Did these come in group? Was it initially fluid filled and later converted into such erosions? It is not looking like psoriasis because psoriasis of penis is very very uncommon and does not come suddenly. It is more of herpes but I want to know the answer before I make any confirmed diagnosis.

Hi doctor,

PPP as discussed yes, and they have reduced. I did not had intercourse any time for a while now. It is stingy, painfu; only upon touch of either finger or foreskin, otherwise it is alright. After some friction, it becomes redder and more painful. It does not appear in groups.Initially 2-3 and then one by one to the present number. It is never fluid filled.



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Psoriasis or any other internal diseases like lichen planus, etc., does not come suddenly. It comes slowly, and after long time it become noticed.

Your problem could be any one of the following:

1. Erosion due to friction (may be during masturbation or any other reason). 2. Herpes. But most of the time herpes will spread through sexual contact and there should be sexual history of 5-10 days before the lesion. Regarding treatment, at present just apply T-bact (Mupirocine cream) on it for 4-6 days and avoid cause of friction. It will be resolved. If it is not resolved, then have to think about herpes and will start it treatment. So apply T-bact cream and let me know after 1 week. Coconut oil is not necessary. Avoid it and just maintain hygienic condition.

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