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Severe Itching

The cause of itching, otherwise called pruritis, can be challenging to diagnose and treat, as sometimes it is a sign of a serious underlying condition. The common causes include dry skin, eczema, allergic reaction, hives, insect bite, etc. Treating the underlying disease usually treats severe itching.

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I have itching between my thighs and genitals. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I have high itching between thighs and genital organ.  Read Full »

Dr. Sushil Kakkar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your query and I have noted your concern. You seem to have a fungal infection, that is tinea cruris. I suggest oral Fluconazole 150 mg tablet, once a week for four weeks. Topically, you may use Luliconazole 1 % cream, twice daily. I also suggest y...  Read Full »

I have itching only on the penis and surrounding areas. Kindly suggest a cure.

Query: Hi doctor, I am having an allergy for the last two weeks. This allergy only affects the penis and surrounding areas. Sometimes I have more allergies and creates a feeling like I have to cut this part of the body. When the body is dry, there are more allergies. Please tell me a cure for this disease...  Read Full »

Dr. Dilip Kumar Meena

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. It looks like you have got scabies, a condition caused by a mite. It cannot be seen by naked eyes, but only under the microscope. Symptoms include intense itching, which worsens at night, and bumps are seen all over but more prominent betwe...  Read Full »

I have an itchy lesion on my stomach. Is it molluscum?

Query: Hi doctor, I was diagnosed with molluscum four years back. I had it frozen biweekly three years ago. I used Aldara at that time, and after that only had one questionable spot. I was checked out by multiple doctors both dermatologists and gynecologists to give me the all clear, but this spot popped u...  Read Full »

Dr. Ashwini. V. Swamy

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Looking at your clinical picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and considering the onset of the lesion, and itching, it does not look like molluscum contagiosum. Most of the time, molluscum is asymptomatic, presents with a white solid bump with a c...  Read Full »

I have an allergy that causes small itchy pimples. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,I have an allergy in my face overall, and especially in my eyes. In the neck and arms, it is like small pimples, and it is so itchy. I take several medicines for allergies. I have been suffering for the last two months, and it is so irritating. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Sandhya Narayanan Kutty

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Hope you are doing well. I have gone through the details and the image (the attachment is hidden to protect the patient's identity), which has been provided from your end, and I do understand your concern. The condition that you are suffering from is termed eczema....  Read Full »

How to manage itching, redness, and weals on the body?

Query: Hi doctor, Our family member is having severe itching, redness, and weals. Previously it was only on arms and groin area. Now it has spread to the chest and abdominal area. He is currently on tablet Zempred, Ebast and Oriel M. Please advise.   Read Full »

Dr. Asmeet Kaur Sawhney

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have reviewed the attached photograph (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and need to ask you few questions: What is the duration of the rash? Is he having any other ailments? Is he taking medication for some ailments apart from this? What is the dos...  Read Full »

How to tell the difference between tinea cruris and STD symptoms?

Query: Hi doctor, I am suffering from tinea cruris, itching near scrotum, for a very long time and left untreated. Now, I am losing my hairs from the left side of the scrotal area. I went to a doctor and he gave me a cream and a medicine for 10 days. After 10 days, I got relief and also hairs are growing ...  Read Full »

Dr. Meha Malhotra

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Tinea cruris is a fungal infection of the groin. It is possible that you may have got a recurrence of the same. It would be of great help if you could tell me the medicine and cream that you have used and after how many days of stopping the medicine did the problem rec...  Read Full »

Why do I have itching inside my penis?

Query: Hello, I am 30 years old male. For the last 1 week, I am having severe itching inside my penis head and bottom side. And while urinating it becomes very severe. When I wash it with hot water and soap, I could not take my hand out of my penis as the itching is heavy, so I had to massage my penis hea...  Read Full »

Dr. Divakara. P

Answer: Hi, Welcome to First of all get one urine routine test and Fasting Blood Sugar test done. Your problem could be either a fungal infection or a reaction to the condom. I advise you to take consultation with a urologist online -->  Read Full »

I am 30 weeks pregnant, with itching and rashes on my hands and legs for two days, is it safe to use Fexofenadine for allergy relief?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 30 weeks pregnant and I have been experiencing itching and rashes on my hands and legs since two days. Should I take a tablet of Fexofenadine for allergy? If yes then please suggest the dosage and duration for the course?  Read Full »

Dr. Sabita Laskar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understood your concern. Firstly, I would like to inform you that, itching during pregnancy is often attributed to a stagnation of liver secretions. I suggest you use histocalamine lotion to alleviate the itching. If the itching persists, I sugges...  Read Full »

What causes the entire body to itch during pregnancy?

Query: Hi doctor, I am pregnant, and my entire body is itching. What could be the reason? Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Gowrimeena

Answer: Hello, Welcome to If there is itching alone (especially involving palms and soles) without any skin rashes, it could be a condition called obstetric cholestasis. In obstetric cholestasis, the liver is unable to send out the waste product called bile acids, and they accumulate in the blo...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing persistent genital itching for several months. What can be the cause?

Query: Hello doctor,I have been experiencing persistent genital itching for several months. The itch is particularly severe when I return home after a long day at work. The skin in my groin area has become flaky, and the skin above my penis is dry and itchy. Additionally, about half of my penis and the lef...  Read Full »

Dr. Basti Bharatesh Devendra

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. I have gone through the photos (attachment removed to protect the patient’s identity) and details. Presuming it is limited to the scrotum and penis and not present in other areas. It may be due to scrotal dermatitis. Follow the below in...  Read Full »

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