Q. Is squint surgery safe?

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Dr. Vaibhev Mittal
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Hi doctor,

I am having a squint in my right eye. It is turned inwards by birth and I have no vision in my right eye. My left eye is 100% perfect. I met an eye specialist. He checked my squint and told that my vision is not recoverable. He advised me to get cosmetic eye muscle surgery. He said it involved with two muscles. I have attached my checkup reports, scan reports, orthoptic assessment documents, cover test details and other documents. Please check those and advise whether I can go ahead for the surgery. After Surgery, will ocular movements full and free? Will both eye work at the same time? After surgery, will my eye turn inwards again or will it look perfect? After surgery, Can other people guess that I had squint earlier? To repair two muscles, how many hours it will take? Can you share your experience? I am neither on medication nor using spectacles. Thank you.

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Dr. Vaibhev Mittal

Ophthalmology (Eye Care)


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I have gone through the documents and reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity).

  • You have large angle esotropia (90PD) (a form of squint). As per my experience, operating two muscles will reduce the deviation, but will not correct it fully.
  • As per my experience, we need surgery for nearly all four muscles.
  • You can plan surgery in two steps. In the first step as recommended by your doctor. The second step is your doctor can plan the surgery in left eye also.
  • Ocular movements will not be full and free, because movements will not increase in the right eye.
  • Moreover, Faden surgery (as planned by your surgeon) will decrease ocular movements in left eye so that movements will be limited in both eyes but both eyes will gain synchronicity.
  • Now discussing the prognosis, the eye may again go inward in the future. So, no squint surgeon can guarantee 100% alignment.

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Thank you doctor,

If my surgeon do surgery in my right eye (squint eye), will it affect my left eye too? Is this safe? Will the movements be limited? At least, can we see a little difference after surgery in alignment and ocular movements? I am going to get married after seven months. What does my orthoptic assessment say?

Dr. Vaibhev Mittal

Ophthalmology (Eye Care)


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

  • Squint surgery is not related to vision. So, do not worry about vision of your left eye. Squint surgery is very safe.
  • As you mentioned that the movements of the right eye is restricted, left eye Faden is planned to synchronize left eye to right eye. Cosmesis will improve.
  • After surgery, ocular alignment will improve. As I said earlier, as per your records, your squint is huge and two muscles surgery will correct only 60% of deviation.
  • Any residual deviation can be taken care of by second surgery on the left eye. So, you need not worry.
  • I reviewed your records on orthoptics exam. There is a large amount of deviation (90 PD) esotropia. Nothing else significant is mentioned there.

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