Q. Tablet Loperamide has reduced my diarrhea. Can I take more Loperamide tablets?

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Dr. Vandana Andrews
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Hello doctor,

  • I had 3 rotis in a highway hotel, with curry and raitha. After 1 hour, I got loose motion.
  • I took tablet Eldoper (Loperamide), one tablet. I felt better then.
  • After about 2 hours, I again had loose motion (lesser than the earlier time).
  • I also felt it was a little restricted than the earlier probably due to Loperamide.
  • What do I do now? Should I take any tablet?
  • I have more Loperamide tablets. Shall I take them?
  • What food should I eat during this time and what should I avoid?
  • Also, can I take fruits like apple, pomegranate? Could that help me with this problem?

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Dr. Vandana Andrews

Family Physician General Practitioner


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • You have got traveler's diarrhea.
  • Start taking tablet Ciplox TZ 500mg (Ciprofloxacin and Tinidazole) one tablet two times a day for 4 days, after meals.
  • Also take capsule Darolac (lactobacillus) one capsule two times a day, after meals for 4 days.
  • Stop taking tablet Loperamide.
  • Avoid outside food.
  • Eat home made, easily digestible food.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water and lots of fruit juices (only home made).
  • Take banana and avoid apple.

Get well soon.

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Thank you doctor for the clear and concise explanation. Can you kindly clarify more queries below?

  • How about exercise, can I do them? (running)
  • Can I go to office from tomorrow? I get only office canteen food, in that case, what type of food I should take? I get only rotis there.
  • Can I take pomegranate also? After how many days, can I start taking apple? 
  • Can I take green tea?
  • Can I take mint leaves juice with  lemon (home made)?

Dr. Vandana Andrews

Family Physician General Practitioner

Hello ,

Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • Avoid exercise for 2-3 days. You can just go for a walk which will make you feel fresh.
  • Take rest, if possible take off from work for a day.
  • Avoid canteen and outside food strictly for one week. Take home food for lunch, avoid canteen food.
  • Have easily digestible food without spices.
  • You can take pomegrante juice, avoid apple, as it will lead to loose motion.
  • You can take apple after 4 days.
  • As for now, hold green tea and mint. But, you can take lemon juice diluted in water (only home made).

Wish you good health.

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