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Can vitamin B12 deficiency result in unbalancing while walking?


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Published At January 8, 2016
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Patient's Query

Hi doctor,

Three years back, I had the problem of unbalancing while walking. I never felt any dizziness or spinning of head. I just had a feeling that I will fall down. I consulted a doctor and he told me that it was due to vitamin B12 deficiency and also prescribed me few shots of Vitcofol. Initially, I felt a lot better after taking them and I took them for one year at reducing frequency. Though I was not completely out of the problem, doctor asked me to stop taking those shots. Now, the same problem has got back after a gap of three years. But now along with problem of unbalancing I am having weakness, palpitation and uneasiness in stomach as well as having sore mouth. Four months back, I have consulted a cardiologist. He ran few tests such as ECG, echo and TMT. My heartbeat was low at 48 bpm. No problem was detected in angiogram and no blockage was present. Doctor suggested me Orcibest 10 mg and Tonact ASP for low pulse rate. I was referred to a neurologist. He carried out MRI of brain and spinal cord. No abnormality was detected in either of them. My vitamin B12 was found to be 507 pg/mL. Based on my history three years back; doctor gave me Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamine) shots in spite of the vitamin B12 level being normal. After taking them I am comparatively feeling better and there is improvement in my walking. There is no uneasiness in heart as well in stomach. Sore mouth has also improved drastically. After ten weekly shots, the doctor reduced the frequency to one shot per month. But after a couple of weeks again I began to feel weak. A month back, the doctor again put me back on weekly shots of Vitamin B12. My present condition is that, my energy level has improved but only slightly. The problem of unbalancing has improved but still far from normal. With shoes on, I find it very difficult to walk. With sandals and slippers I feel little easier to walk. I am still taking Vitamin B12 shots. For low pulse rate, I am taking Orcibest 10 mg and Tonact ASP as prescribed by the cardiologist. For hypertension, I am taking Amlodac 2.5 mg. Along with all these, I am taking Vitamin E orally. I would like to have your opinion whether my treatment is on the right line or is there any other issue which is causing this problem. I am attaching my reports for your reference. Please guide. Thank you in advance.

Answered by Dr. Mohammad Aamir


Welcome to icliniq.com. I have read your problem in detail and have not found anything abnormal in your test reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). I am not aware what were your values before you started taking these medicine. Have you had any fall? Are you suffering from asthma? Your lipid profile is in normal range. So, no need to take tablet Tonact- ASP (Aspirin). You should only take tablet Amlodac (Amlodipine) and Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamine). Do you consume alcohol? If yes, then since how long and how much a day? If you have been having alcohol then I can understand your situation and I can reach to some diagnosis. Do you have the habit of smoking? Since when and how many packs a day? Are you under some family tension? Is everything at good terms within your family? Have you undergone any heart surgery? Or had a heart attack anytime? Is there anyone in your family who has heart problem or coronary artery disease either father or mother? I did not follow, why your doctor did angiogram? For low pulse rate, pulse rate of 64 bpm is normal and heart rate is borderline and not low. Please check your blood pressure and pulse rate again and get back to me.

Patient's Query

Thank you doctor,

Well, the values remained in the same range before medication. I never had a fall. But, sometimes when I am not conscious enough, I get the feeling that I might fall down. I never smoke or drink. I neither have asthma problem nor any issues with my heart. Three years back I went through a lot of stress at my work place. But, now I am in less stress comparatively. My marriage life is going fine. My mother had heart problem and she was diagnosed with enlarged heart. Latest report of blood pressure is 140/88 mmHg and pulse rate is 67 bpm.

Answered by Dr. Mohammad Aamir


Welcome back to icliniq.com. You just need to continue with your blood pressure medicine. Please repeat your lipid profile test after fifteen days. Stop taking stress and stay calm.

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Dr. Mohammad Aamir
Dr. Mohammad Aamir

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