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Scrotal Tongue - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Published on Apr 05, 2022   -  4 min read


A tongue with one or more fissures on its upper surface is named the scrotal tongue. Read the article below to learn more about this condition.



A variation from the usual, flat, and smooth appearing tongue is a condition called - scrotal tongue, which shows a fissured or grooved appearance with a prominent groove separating the tongue in its midline. Though abnormal, it is neither serious nor a spreading condition. Fissured tongue is common and does not require management until it shows symptoms which are usually minimal and rare.

What Is a Scrotal Tongue?

It is a non-dangerous condition characterized by single or multiple fissures on the upper surface and the sides of the tongue, giving it a wrinkled appearance. These fissures are sometimes interconnected and divide the tongue into lobes. The depth of the fissures is inconsistent and might be shallow or deep. It is seen that the depth of fissures increases with age and is seen prominently in older adults.

What Are the Other Names of Scrotal Tongue?

The scrotal tongue is also called a fissured tongue, plicated tongue or lingua plicata, furrowed tongue, grooved tongue, etc.

How Is Scrotal Tongue Classified?

The scrotal tongue or fissured tongue is classified based on certain factors such as fissure pattern, the number of fissures, and associated symptoms.

What Are the Causes of a Scrotal Tongue?

There is no specific cause for the development of the scrotal tongue; It can even occur in healthy individuals. Still, certain underlying factors influence the appearance of the fissured tongue, which includes;

What Are the Conditions Associated With Scrotal Tongue?

Some medical conditions show fissured tongue as a significant feature or symptom, which includes;

What Are the Symptoms of Scrotal Tongue?

How Is Scrotal Tongue Diagnosed?

How Is Scrotal Tongue Treated?


Scrotal tongue or fissured tongue is a common alteration in the tongue that could occur in any individual. The tongue plays an important role in various functions such as tasting, speech, swallowing, etc. If proper hygiene is not followed, the scrotal tongue can become symptomatic and interfere with these normal functions. In short, if you have a fissured tongue, this is a reminder to spend an extra minute taking care of your tongue and mouth.


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