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Ovulation and Safe Period: What is the Safe Period to Have Sex?

Written by Dr. Sabita Laskar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.

Image: Ovulation and Safe Period: What is the Safe Period to Have Sex?


What is Safe Period?

It is the period when supposedly a woman has the least chance of getting pregnant. Women go through monthly changes in their body in the name of the menstrual cycle. A monthly cycle has two components:

  • Proliferating phase: This is the period which begins soon after the menstrual bleeding starts.
  • Secretory phase: This is a constant period of 14 days, which you can count as 14 days before you get your periods.

By no means, it provides a complete protection against pregnancy, since it has been seen that the intercourse itself may trigger untimely ovulation.

You can use our safe days calculator to find out the safe days in your cycle for this month easily.

What is the Unsafe Period (Fertile Days)?

A woman conceives if she copulates within the time of ovulation. Hence the time of ovulation is termed as the unsafe period to have sexual intercourse.

How to Calculate the Time of Ovulation?

  • Suppose a woman has a cycle length of 30 days, the ovulation period roughly falls in the mid 10 days.
  • So, to avoid pregnancy she has to better avoid unprotected sexual intercourse in this period.
  • The rest of the days i.e., starting from menstruation to the 10th day and again from 21st day up to menstruation are the safe days or the safe period to avoid pregnancy.

Trying to conceive? Use our fertility calculator to find out the most fertile days in your menstrual cycle.

But please keep in mind that, this calculation is for a woman with a fairly constant menstrual cycle.

I suggest you talk to a gynecologist online to discuss your menstrual cycle and know your safe period --->

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