Erectile Dysfunction - Causes, Myths, and Facts
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Erectile Dysfunction - Causes, Myths, and Facts

Written by
Dr. Vaibhav
and medically reviewed by Dr. Sneha Kannan

27 May 2019  -  1 min read



One of the most frequent queries by a young adult male is about erectile dysfunction, which causes a significant amount of stress with disturbed personal life and loss of self-esteem. Quest of correct treatment and reliable advice leads to loss of time, financial suffering, and even more disturbing thought process. Correct knowledge of expectation and reality can save lots of hassle.

Since early ages, sexual gratification has been a source of pleasure, well-being, and even confidence in a man's life. With the advent of modern lifestyle and diet, erectile dysfunction is on a rapid rise. Most of the patient who visits an andrologist or urologist with the complaint of erectile dysfunction are advised mere counseling and few vitamins, thus leaving most patient unsatisfied and end up trying unorthodox methods.

However unreal it may seem, it remains the fact that the maximum number of patients mentioned above are dealing with an unrealistic expectation from their body. Source of such high expectation being the adult movies or stories which glorify the sexual act and make common people feel disgusted with their own personal capabilities.

On the other hand, other illnesses like thyroid problems, deranged lipid profile, smoking, alcohol, obesity, stress, hypertension, diabetes, and vascular diseases can lead to erectile dysfunction. Thus treating the underlying problem would automatically improve the erection status, and no special treatment is required for erectile dysfunction. But it must also be remembered that a 40 year old body will not function like an 18 year old body, so realistic expectation with a healthy lifestyle, proper treatment of chronic disease, and maintaining BMI in the normal range are the best available remedies for erectile dysfunction.

In cases where medical drugs are needed to treat the condition, it should be strictly done under the guidance of a qualified urologist or andrologist, as these group of medication (Phosphodiesterase inhibitors) have high side effect profile including an adverse effect on the cardiac vascular system. Those patients who are already on the drug should remember that this medication only helps erection rather than causing one. Thus good foreplay and emotional attachment with the partner and positive mind frame have higher and better success rate with medical therapy.

Occasionally, in people with long-standing diabetes or vascular disease, the normal dose of this medication might not have maximum effect. In such cases, your physician may advice drug combination or higher doses. So, if initial medicine has not given the best possible effect, one should not be disappointed and stop the treatment. Visiting your doctor and having detailed discussion about the lack of effect is advised.

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27 May 2019  -  1 min read


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