Q. I have headache accompanied with nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Please help me.

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Good day, I’m writing this as I desperately need help. I have been battling with my health for almost 11 months. This unknown condition first started before two years when I was busy with college exams for 2nd semester. I just woke up one day with a headache accompanied by nausea, fatigue, dizziness, shaking hands, blurry eyes, confusion, loss of balance & I felt like I was gonna pass out or die. I went to see a GP and back then my body was pale, he assumed it was anaemia. He gave me pills & wrote a list of food to eat and supplements to take. His medication worked and things got back to normal. After a year later, my gums began to bleed, gaps were forming between & more over, I had gum ache. I went to see a Dentist who referred me to a specialist and him too further referred me to a periodontist who diagnosed me with a gum disease and underwent surgery.

I had to take antibiotics and eat soft food for 2 months. The operation was a success but the antibiotics affected my bowel badly. I had a runny stomach which later turned to constipation. Blood came out when I took a stool & I felt a tearing several times when taking out a stool. My anus got itchy as if I had pinworms. I checked in with a gastroentorologist whom diagnosed me with anus prituris. He prescribed a cream which worked for only 2 weeks and things went back to not being normal until today

I’m still experiencing the irritation. I woke up feeling like I was about to fall or die again one day. The symptoms I had before a year resurfaced this time around more intense. I had a really bad headache with nausea, fatigue, dizziness, shaking hands, memory loss, confusion, my head felt heavy, Blurry eyes (I had eye problems & blurriness before) but this time around it got worse. At some point I felt like I was gonna lose my eyesight. I would sleep for 8 hours & wake up feeling like I did not blink an eye. This happened 24/7 . Even at night if it happened that I opened my eyes I would feel the headache. I checked in with a Physician, he ran few physical tests and came back normal. He then told me I needed to do blood tests and ct brain scan. If both come back normal I would then need to see a pyschiatrist for the symptoms. If both came back abnormal I would need to see a neurologist. I did blood tests which came normal and by the time I had to book for a ct brain scan, I ran out of funds and could not afford for consultations. The Physician then referred me to a public hospital for ct brain scan . These symptoms kept getting worse day/night since last year.

I thought death was near and I could not cope anymore so I went to a public hospital to book for ct brain scan. The day came and went to the hospital for the scan. I was told to come after a month for the results. The lockdown was put into place and by the time I wanted to go to the hospital, no movement was allowed even at hospitals. I called the hospital just to confirm and I was told to wait as they were no longer assisting any in-patients. I kept calling & as usuals I was told to wait. After a month, the symptoms aggravated, I called to hospital and pleaded with them as I desperately needed the results. I was told to come. I went to the hospital and when I got there, they looked for my results and it came into my attention that they lost my scan results.

I was told the scanning machine is out of service and they don’t know when will it be available. The symptoms were resurfacing. The headache got less intense. The symptoms I was still dealing with daily were shaking hands , minor fatigue and nausea but after a month, started the headache has returned, the nausea is worse, my head feels heavy. I’m physically tired & at the same time no one is cutting me some slack at home, I have to act like nothing is wrong and do chores. I received 0 support from my family in this situation. My mom is taking it lightly. At this point of time I have no idea what is wrong with my body. I don’t know if it’s chronic anxiety, depression, just migraine , stress or something serious.

The headache, nausea, shaking hands, fatigue, loss of interest in things I used to do, being physically tired, dizziness, feeling like I will pass out anytime. All these symptoms have become a norm and I hate the fact that I consulted at hospitals and nothing was found . Currently it is hard to go back to the hospital and try to book for a re-scan as the hospitals are full of covid patients and I’m scared and lost hope in everything. I have been praying and doing all sort of things but I’m still at the tip of an iceberg from getting out of this situation. Please help me, any medication you can recommend.

I had to try to keep up with academics in this condition and that’s the only thing my family cares about. The people I live with are self centred, manipulative, toxic and have zero empathy. Not forgetting that my step dad sexually harassed me before four years. He was outed before three years & my mom was on my case as to when was I gonna forgive him. Till this day I don’t know his sorry.

My mom is no difference, she plays the victim all the time & whatever I do is not enough. She has turned a blind eye on my situation and whenever I bring it up she says I manifest things or I have no faith. All she did was to tell me to pray meanwhile her, stepbro and my other siblings are on my stepdad’s medical aid and even for small things she runs to the doctor. In my case as a non beneficial when I get sick I have to pray. I tried mentioning mental instability & depression to her few times and she changed the topic quick and told me I should not think about those things. Recently, she got a call from my aunt who wanted to know about my health progress and she told her I’m fine.She never ask how I’m holding up or see if I’m at my worse but she is quick to tell people that I’m fine. Please help me


Hi dear,

hope you are well. I am so sorry to hear about your illness and what all you have to go through . I empathise with you and I assure you that things will be fine. Since all other illness’s you had are resolved , this to me looks like psychic issue. Trust me don’t bother about ct scan much since it will come out to be normal . BY YOUR symptoms you seem like having SEVERE ANXIETY . Plz you need to take charge of your life and consult a psychiatrists who will give you anti anxiety medicines and cbt (counselling). Once you come out of this dilemma you will resume life and feel stronger , I’ll pray for you . If any other query feel free to ask

The Probable causes:

Stress , sexual harassment, bad parenting

Investigations to be done:


Differential diagnosis:

Depression , anxiety

Probable diagnosis:


Treatment plan:

Anti anxiety medicines

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