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Which ayurvedic medicine can give a long time relief from asthma?

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Published At March 7, 2018
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

Thank you for giving us the first query free. I am 26 years old male suffering from asthma for the past 14 to 15 years. So, I feel shame for myself when I use an inhaler. I am not able to go on tour, especially in winter because I do not want to share my worst condition in front of my known people. I do not need any sympathy faces.

Sometimes, I do not feel shortness of breath but wheezing irritates me, and I am unable to focus on work. When people leave me alone, then I take an inhaler. When I take a bath in winter, I feel shortness of breath. Right now I am taking Bresol (Himalaya tablet) two times a day for the past two months with lukewarm water. This winter I am drinking lukewarm water every time.

But the problem is still there. When I go to sleep, I feel wheezing, and the same when I wake up. A pharmacist said to use Septilin (syrup) with Bresol and take Bresol thrice a day and Septilin twice, and nobody told me how long I have to take this. I know asthma is not curable. Please give me some good advice and names of medicines (ayurvedic) for long time relief. And also advise regarding Bresol and Septilin (especially how long I have to take this).


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Regarding the continuation of medicines, you may have to use the multivitamin tablet, Septilin (Tinospora) and Bresol (Turmeric, Vasaka, and Vaividang) for a long time till your allergic condition persists. These medicines are for helping your body develop good immunity against the respiratory problems. These medicines act slightly different than inhalers. Although, I would like to tell you that inhalers are scientific. Ayurvedic medicines may not help to get respite from an acute problem.

Asthma is a manifestation of hypersensitivity. It is wise to find the cause of the hypersensitivity. We call the same allergy. Rhinitis asthma is different manifestations of allergy. Allergy is present in the genes, and we may not be able to cure allergy entirely.

Allergen avoidance forms the mainstay of the treatment and management of allergies. You should be carefully noting down which areas and circumstances lead to the symptoms in you. Like going to gardens, smoking, pollution, dust, particular smells and fragrances, fumes, effluents, climate, etc. You should also note when the symptoms are more and when they are less. Whether there are any seasonal or diurnal variations. Once you have a detailed diary regarding this, you will be able to make some reasonable conclusions regarding when you have to be careful.

The next method of finding out the allergen is allergy testing. The two methods available are skin prick testing and the blood immunoCAP method. Both methods are easy and fast, but skin prick testing is more accurate. Once we find out the allergens causing the problem for you, we can give you specific advice on how to avoid these allergens and stay safe.

The treatment of Septilin and Bresol that you are taking is to help your body stay healthy, improve immunity, and provide all nutrients and micronutrients for the body to deal with offending agents. But these are not the definitive cure for the problem. Hence, it is not possible to say clearly what time you will have to take the medicines. Additionally, if you get an asthma attack during the course of these medicines, you may still need inhalers or nebulization, or medicines on an SOS basis.

Do share with us your prescriptions and investigations reports so that we can help you better. Hope to see you healthy soon.

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Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N
Dr. Shyam Kalyan. N

Otolaryngology (E.N.T)

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