Q. What is the reason for discoloration of teeth in a 15 months old?

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Hi doctor,

My daughter is 15 months old. Her weight is 8.2 kg and height is 80 cm. Her food includes apple, rice, green gram, vegetables along with breast milk. But, I am not adding sugar or salt. I am giving her Ostocalcium, vitamin D and multivitamins as suggested by her pediatrician. She has got her four upper teeth and two lower teeth. Last week, I noticed that half portion of the upper teeth not covered with white and looks like enamel loss. I have attached her teeth photos for your reference. Does it need any treatment or is it common? Is it because of the vitamin supplements? Could you please suggest me the treatment and what needs to be taken care of further? Thank you.

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Dr. Naveen Thomas
Dentistry, Endodontist, Paediatric Dentistry, Periodontist


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  • The white discoloration (attachment removed to protect patient identity) is the demineralization of enamel on the surface of teeth. It occurs due to prolonged sticking of food items, especially mother's milk after feeding.
  • It is very simple to prevent the formation of cavity or fracture of teeth by taking care of them.
  • I suggest you to use kids brush and toothpaste at nights after feeding or just wipe the front teeth with a clean, wet cotton to prevent sticking of debris in the region.
  • If you can daily clean the area after every feeding for the one and half year, then it will not increase. Else, in some time, the teeth will get broken slowly till only root stumps remains.
  • The teeth will fall off after seven years only and so we have to take care of it. After two years make your child to clean her teeth with brush daily before sleeping.
  • Also, after every meal make her wash her mouth with water.

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Thank you doctor,

I am a bit confused. Which layer has to be removed, the white layer adjacent to gums or the light yellow color layer?


Dr. Naveen Thomas
Dentistry, Endodontist, Paediatric Dentistry, Periodontist


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

  • The white colored layer is the part of enamel having demineralization.
  • Follow the treatment protocol and there is no need to worry.

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