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About "Pediatric Dentistry"

A dentist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions affecting children from infancy to young adulthood is called a pediatric dentist or a pedodontist. They use kid-friendly techniques to establish good oral health from an early age. A pedodontist also educates the parents to ensure their child performs proper oral hygiene habits and discusses the treatment plan with them. A pedodontist provides many important treatments for your child, thus improving their overall dental health. They educate the child to perform good dental habits like brushing and flossing correctly. They detect dental caries and malaligned teeth early so that the necessary treatment can be started as soon as possible. Regular cleaning and fluoride treatment can prevent dental caries and future gum diseases. They also repair chipped, broken, or damaged teeth. Sometimes, if your child loses a tooth in some accident, a pedodontist might be able to fix it back. The common pediatric dental procedures are placing tooth-colored filling for decayed tooth, placing steel crown for severely decayed or broken tooth, dental cleaning, fluoride application to prevent dental caries, interceptive orthodontic treatment (to identify malocclusion and bite problems), extraction, treatment of infected tooth pulp (pulpotomy), placing space maintainer after extraction (to maintain the space for the erupting permanent tooth), and applying sealants. A pedodontist might take X-rays of the affected tooth, and then discuss the treatment plan with you. With the help of online medical platforms, you can talk about your child’s dental problems with pedodontists online.

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