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I am suffering from erectile dysfunction with high FSH and LH. Please help.


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Published At March 20, 2020
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I am 41 years old. My height is 5'7" and I weigh about 74 kg. I am suffering from ED.

T3-110, T4-9.4, TSH-1.37

Total cholesterol 238 (last year), and 249 recently.

25 OH Vitamin D (total) 58.87 ng/ml.

Blood glucose random-104

Blood glucose post prandial 124 g/dL

HbA1c 6.3

T level 330, TSH 1.660 Uiu/ml, FSH 250, LH 400, Prolactone 540, Free testosterone 75.90 pg/ml. There is a smoking history of 20 years (one packet per day) but I completely quit from the last six months. Doctore give me four to five testosterone injections and a sachet to drink with hot water. Later an endocrinologist told no need for medicine and hormones are functioning properly.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

All your tests are normal except for high level of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (lutenizing hormone) and prolactin and your endocrinologist advises for no medicine.

For managing your ED (erectile dysfunction) try the life style modifications and use of Sildenafil or Tadalafil as on when required basis.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco products if using currently.

Go for a regular morning walk at least 45 minutes daily or go for exercise daily.

Spend more time during foreplay.

Take adequate sleep.

Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.

I hope this helps.

Patient's Query

Thank you doctor,

My FSH 2.49 miu/ml , LH 4.20 miu/ml , prolactin 5.39 ng/ml. And after two months, the values are FSH 2.50 miu/ml, LH 4.00 miu/ml, Prolactin 40 ng/ml. Why in the evening T level goes below the normal range?


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Then it is fine. Actually there is always variation in hormone levels during evening times, morning time and night time. The standardized test results are accordingly assessed and there is no need to worry if there is some variation depending upon the time.

Do try lifestyle modifications and continue it for a long time and you will see the good results.

Patient's Query

is there need of any more medical tests ( i never hear testosterone test or endocrinology before 2017 but doctor know what test needed from problem so you know better ). history of smoking of 20 years but quit from last 6th month completely .. need any test . is age a factor ? in diet simple lunch / dinner , fruit and salads not regular ( 12-15 times in month ) , carrot juice and amla regular in winter seasons , no milk from long time ... 6 – 7 tea a per day , i don’t take fast food and pack food . walk/ light exercise is mostly done ( 18 –19 days in month) ..this is from 4-5 year In earlier i walk daily 4—5 km for 8 to 10 years in 2017 a sexologist advice daily milk , 20 almonds , banana , beet roots and soak & boil chanwala ( black eye beans , lobhiya ) .. and endocrinologist told to reduce sweet item in diet ..what black eyes beans do .. till now i find from your answer that best food , exercise and good life style

welcome back sir. As of now there is no need for other investigation. Age is a factor but your age is not much concern now as you are only 41 . your diet is good and avoid too much tea. Milk ,banana, roots and black eye beans are good sources of vitamins so continue them. Take salad and leafy vegetables and fruits. So as of now do regular exercise. Take healthy food. Good life style. Thanks and regards

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Dr. Ramchandra Lamba
Dr. Ramchandra Lamba


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