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Published At March 15, 2020
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I am a 34-year-old male in good general health. Until 20 years of age, I never experienced any issue with erections or sexual health. When I turned 20, I had an episode with my girlfriend where over two consecutive nights, we had no sex, but rather very prolonged foreplay. Due to the prolonged arousal, my erection stayed for most of the night, without ejaculation. This episode of two prolonged erections and arousal obviously hurt my penis as it went through some visible changes back then, both in shape and feeling. While it was not painful, it lost some thickness and the side erectile tissue eventually lost some elasticity, becoming somewhat hardened in a flaccid state. Since a slight curvature initially appeared, I can only guess this was Peyronie’s. Eventually, in the course of some years, it did recover partially and as of now, there is practically no curvature at all. However, the erectile tissue is still not as it used to be, somewhat hardened and when I have an erection, the blood seems to get trapped in a way in both sides of the penis, while the glans have difficulties getting sufficient blood and arousal and often remains softer. I have no problems getting and maintaining an erection myself, but when being with a partner, it tends to be more difficult and the erection often goes away quickly if not actively stimulated. The softer glans often leads to less control and premature ejaculation.

I assume I may have gotten some degree of penile fibrosis, which was triggered by the episode of prolonged erection when I was 20. My question is, would there be a (natural) way to help reduce this tissue hardening and enhance regular blood flow, particularly to the glans. Since this is not a serious issue and it seems the damage was not that substantial (I still have morning erections for example, and the feeling is often close to normal), I would be looking to some natural therapy with as little side effects as possible. I read about some allegedly very good results of combining L-arginine and pine bark extract when it comes to enhancing erection quality overall. Would you happen to know about this or could you recommend some other natural treatment options, which would not cause any other health issues? My main concern would be getting priapism due to some medicine like Viagra, as it was exactly the prolonged erection that caused my problems. If Arginine and pine bark extract are overall safe, I would be glad to opt for this.


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From the events you described, you had normal erection and ejaculation but over the years it has reduced. You have difficulty in maintaining erection and premature ejaculation. Have you recently changed the partner or stress in relationship? How much time do you take before ejaculation (intravaginal)? Natural extracts are effective but the effect may not be titrated as per the dose and excessive may lead to possible priapism. With progressive exposure to more sexual experience, the quality of erection goes down, but a person becomes more confident to satisfy a female. For a female, the way of doing sex and getting her to orgasm is more important than the penis solely. For you, I would suggest Tadaflo 5 mg (low dose Tadalafil used in BPH patients) as you do not have erectile dysfunction but need to support erection for a few days. Premature ejaculation if persistent problem, I may treat that later.

Treatment plan

Tablet Tadalafil 5 mg on alternate days evening.

Patient's Query

Thank you doctor,

In my case, the problems with maintaining erection and changes in the erectile tissue happened after the obviously traumatic event I described where I had a very prolonged erection without ejaculating, this for two days in a row. Thank you for your advice about Tadalafil. Since I am somewhat worried about side effects, I was just wondering whether you have heard of any beneficial results of the mentioned Arginine and pine bark extract? Do you mean excessive Arginine may lead to priapism?


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I appreciate your concern. But penile fibrosis with persistent erection is a very bad disease leading to complete loss of erection and not decreased erection. The side effect of Tadalafil 5 mg is very minimal as it is one fourth the usual dose. Try for two weeks. Then try both natural products also for two weeks and kindly share the experience. During such periods if you have hard erections that are persistent beyond four hours kindly contact ER.

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Dr. Choudhary Devendra
Dr. Choudhary Devendra


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