Q. I have no symptoms except heavy flow. Can I still have PCOD?

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Dr. Natalie Chaitan
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Hello doctor,

I am 20 years of age with weight 64 kg and height 160 cm. I had my periods for three to four days with mild bleeding on the fourth day. Now for the past two to three months, I am having periods with heavy flow for two days and mild bleeding on day-3. The doctor suggested PCOD test. My hormone levels are normal with testosterone and insulin in the normal range. Also, I do not have any unwanted growth and no acne problems. Can I still have PCOD? Also, I do not have diabetes or thyroid. Please give me a conclusion as to what has happened.

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Dr. Natalie Chaitan

Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

A regular period can range from three to seven days duration, with bleeding being mild to heavy on all or any day. A period can also return monthly or between 21 to 35 days. Your period may have changed in length and days on which heavy bleeding occurs but it still falls well within the remit of a normal range.

All of your investigations have been normal. A change in period history can be normal in young adults and can happen in response to any change in physique, as well as emotional and physical state. I would not be worried, neither is any treatment warranted based on the history you have presented. This is a normal change.

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