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Can HSV1 infection sores recur?


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Published At August 25, 2023
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I am diagnosed with HSV1. My STD profile like HIV, HbsAg, HCV, VDRL, and TPHA is normal. I got HSV through oral sex. Girl sucks my penis only. My first outbreak was about four months ago. On my first outbreak, sores are on the genital area, one sore in my mouth, and three sores on my head and on my waist. Four months have passed now on my second outbreak. Only one sore erupts in my mouth but this sore heals without any medicine within four days. I am a healthy person. Now my question is:

1. I got HSV1 through oral sex (from the girl's mouth to the penis). Will it be possible I always get sores on my genitals? But after the first outbreak (four months passed) I do not feel any soreness on my genitals.

2. If I always take Acyclovir at the time of symptoms, is it possible that I will be able to restrict the HSV infection to the skin?

3. Does HSV1 create any complication like ocular herpes and encephalitis in a healthy individual? I am worried about ocular herpes or encephalitis. I searched on the internet that these two diseases are caused by HSV1.

4. Does diabetes or thyroid increase the recurrence of HSV1 infection?

5. After the age of 50 and above in a normal immune system person, is there any chance of frequent outbreaks of ocular herpes and encephalitis?

Kindly suggest.

Thank you.


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I have read your query and understand your concern. HSV (herpes simplex virus) recurrence usually occurs in the same site but can occur in other sites too. Many may not see a recurrence too. Usually, the frequency, number, or severity of lesions reduce with time. Antiviral drugs help in reducing severity and recurrence. The complications of encephalitis and ocular herpes are rare. See that you do not self-inoculate into the eyes when there are active lesions. There are reports of higher chances of diabetes. Good control of diabetes is key. Do not worry about age or thyroid association with herpes. Maintain hygiene and take a balanced diet. I hope you find this helpful.

Thank you.

Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

Thank you for your response. I also want to know:

1. If HSV1 can create any complications in healthy individuals throughout their whole life?

2. I am getting married, how can I prevent my wife from HSV?

3. Can I have a healthy baby with my wife if I am HSV1 positive?

4. Which medicine do you prefer during outbreaks?

I had genital sores during my first outbreak. After four months I did not have any genital sore. But one or two oral sores during the second outbreak. I got HSV1 through oral sex. Is further genital sores less likely to recur when HSV1 is caught through the genitals? Kindly suggest.

Thank you.


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

The complications due to HSV are very rare and lesser in healthy individuals. HSV can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact or by kissing or as STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The chances are higher when there are active lesions. Condom protection is not full as there is skin-to-skin contact possible. Antivirals like Acyclovir (Magnesium Stearate and Povidone) or Valacyclovir (Ethyl ester and Monohydrochloride) can be taken under guidance. HSV is not a lethal disease. Precautions should be taken to have a healthy baby. Recurrence occurs usually in the same site. Inoculation can lead to lesions in other sites. I hope this will help you.

Thank you.

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Dr. Basti Bharatesh Devendra
Dr. Basti Bharatesh Devendra


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