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About "Community Medicine"

Community medicine or community health is a branch of medicine which deals with health promotion, disease prevention, and rehabilitation of those affected. The motive of community medicine is to increase access to care and promote equality among all sections of society.

The duty of a community medicine expert is to organize healthcare services that are accessible at the grassroots level and systematically plan the implementation of projects using available statistics and epidemiology reports.

The healthcare sector has undergone drastic changes in recent years, where health is no longer referred to as the absence of disease but, it denotes a state of complete well being and good living conditions.

Although this is a lesser known field of medicines, its importance, especially in developing countries, cannot be stressed more. It is only due to the involvement of this branch of medicine that we have successfully managed to eradicate certain diseases from our community such as smallpox and polio.

Community medicine specialists work at community health centers, public health departments (health ministry), biostatistics and research institutes, NGO (non-governmental organizations), and academic institutions.

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