Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise refers to the voluntary contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles to help strengthen them. This exercise is helpful in controlling urinary incontinence and maintain proper bowel functions in males as well as females. It is especially useful for women when done after childbirth.

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I have consistent, sharp pain in my tailbone. How to resolve it?

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 25 year old female, and I weigh 175 lbs and 5.7 feet tall. I have noticed for the past few months, that sitting is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I get a sharp pain in my tailbone if I sit for even 30 minutes to an hour. The pain when I straighten up again can cause me to ...  Read Full »

Dr. Atul Prakash

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You describe a condition called coccydynia. I suggest you try doing the following. Avoid soft cushiony seats where one would sink into. Sitting on firm seats is more comfortable than soft ones. Sit forwards rather than back, and by this I mean that avoid slouching into...  Read Full »

Will erectile dysfunction make the penis feel like a dead branch attached to a tree?

Query: Hi doctor, I have erectile dysfunction. I am a 21-year-old male of 63 kg weight and 5'09" in height. I cannot get an erection in bed. It is like my penis is not even a part of my body. It is like a dead branch connected to a tree. I have this issue for a few years now, but I do get strong erections...  Read Full »

Dr. Raveendran Sr

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern about your symptoms. According to your complaints, you may have erectile dysfunction (ED). Reasons for erectile dysfunction are: 1) Stress due to work or family-related problems, night duties. Plan for regular exercise and yoga. 2) Depre...  Read Full »

Will Kegel exercise help in correcting premature ejaculation?

Query: Hi doctor,I am facing premature ejaculation for about six to eight months. I tried all common techniques, but no result. I do not have any bad habits and no other problems with the body. Kindly help me.  Read Full »

Dr. Utkarsh Sharma

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I completely understand your problem and will try to help you out. Premature ejaculation is generally due to stress and anxiety rather than any physical deficiency. It is because of your higher expectations. It would help if you tried to divert your mind while having...  Read Full »

I ejaculate within few seconds during intercourse. What to do?

Query: Hi doctor, We are planning for a baby. For the last six months, during intercourse I feel highly excited and discharge within a few seconds. My sperm count is also less 25 million per mL. I am taking Addyzoa and Ubinext for infertility. Please suggest me some medicine to increase my time of pleasure...  Read Full »

Dr. Radhakrishnan Nair B

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I hope that you are taking present treatment after evaluation by an andrologist or urologist. If not, then please consult an andrologist or urologist. Sperm count of 25 million is normal, but I need to know about motility and morphology. Please send me your semen analysis...  Read Full »

If there is premature ejaculation while masturbating, will there be the same problem during sex?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been masturbating since I was 14-year-old. I am 22-year-old now. It takes me ten seconds to masturbate. My semen is thin, and the semen comes out very quickly. Masturbation and intercourse are the same things. When I masturbate, I ejaculate in ten seconds. Then I understand that e...  Read Full »

Dr. Utkarsh Sharma

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I completely understand your problem and will try to help you out. Premature ejaculation is generally due to stress and anxiety rather than any physical deficiency. It is because of your higher expectations. It would help if you tried to divert your mind while do...  Read Full »

How do you stop urinary bladder leakage?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 25 year old female. I am facing an issue with my urinary bladder. Most of the times I find my underwear wet with water or urine and not with white discharge. I feel my urine gets leaked. It is not that I tend to hold onto my urine for long. Whenever I feel like urinating, I instan...  Read Full »

Dr. Sadaf Mustafa

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Can you please provide more history? How long have you been having this issue now? Do you have pain with urination? How many kids to you have and were they relieved vaginally? Did you have any bladder or cervical procedure? Revert with the answers to the above questio...  Read Full »

How can premature ejaculation be treated?

Query: Hi doctor, I am 21 years old and healthier than a horse, but I cannot last longer than one minute with my girlfriend and want it to change. Last night was the second time it had happened, and I am getting frustrated.  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. From the available description, it appears that you are suffering from premature ejaculation, which is one of the common sexual problems among young individuals. Premature ejaculation can be treated or controlled with the...  Read Full »

Can abstinence from masturbation help in my erection problem?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 26-year-old male. I used to do prone position masturbation for 13 years (from 12 to 25 years), frequency of two to three times a day. I already give up prone habit for the last eight months. I am not married and did not go through any sexual intercourse until now. I have a soft...  Read Full »

Dr. Raveendran Sr

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern. If there was venous leakage, then the ultrasound penis will be showing an abnormal report. Masturbation is normal up to two to three times a week. It should be hand penis masturbation. Absence of masturbation can cause stress and nocturnal...  Read Full »

I am worried about the urinary incontinence. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am 76 years old. I had an open radical prostatectomy about four months back. Today, I am completely incontinent. I do not smoke or drink. I do hiking and exercise daily. I also do the Kegel exercises faithfully. I have read several ways to do them and I can locate the sphincter mus...  Read Full »

Dr. Shahil Khant

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Relax and do not worry. Urinary incontinence is a major complication of radical prostatectomy. It happens in 90 percent of the patients. Your urinary incontinence is not related to the lake in the abdomen. Usually, urinary incontinence will be present till one y...  Read Full »

What is the best remedy for erectile dysfunction?

Query: Hi doctor,I am 28 years old with a healthy body and good physic. I also have a good sperm count. Earlier, I used to have a good erection when I used to masturbate. Since my marriage, I am suffering from erectile dysfunction, and I cannot perform for more time. I feel very low. Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Raveendran Sr

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. Kindly explain what type of masturbation you do, hand penis or penis bed? Also, check for stress. Do your partner has a dry vagina? Do you feel difficulty in penetration?  Read Full »

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