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Lazy eye refers to one of the serious eye conditions caused due to poor vision development in one eye during childhood. It is one of the major causes of decreased vision among children. The brain can only record the one eye vision, making the weaker eye vision worse. It may lead to permanent loss of vision in the affected eye. The common symptoms include squinting, tilting the head, and the inability to evaluate depth perception.

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How will the doctor identify my lazy eye vision percentage?

Query: Hi doctor, Other than the Snellen chart method, how doctors will check the vision of a person? I am a lazy eye person with low vision. How will the doctor identify my vision percentage?  Read Full »

Dr. Asif Manzoor

Answer: Hello, Welcome to There are many methods to check vision, according to the age of the patient. It is different for preverbal or verbal children and for adults. Many types of vision charts available. Snellen chart is one of them. There are ETDRS chart early treatment for diabetic retin...  Read Full »

Will it be harmful if I use the glass power of the normal eye for lazy eye?

Query: Hi doctor, I had cataract operation four months ago. My left eye vision has improved from +5.0 to +2.5 with glasses. My right eye vision is +7.0. My right eye is a lazy eye, which my brain does not use. I only look through my left eye. Since I do not use this right eye, can I make the right lens of ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vaibhev Mittal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your one eye is amblyopic, so vision will not improve with any lens power. Yes, you can use glasses of same power (+2.5 D) in both the eyes. This will not have any harmful effect on your eyes.   Read Full »

What would you recommend for amblyopic eyes?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 19-year-old male and I have some questions about my eyesight. I have amblyopia and strabismus. When I was born, I was almost blind in my left eye around 20/200. My eye doctor made me wear glasses and patch my right eye until I was about 6. As I absolutely hated the patching I wa...  Read Full »

Dr. Asif Manzoor

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have explained everything very well. Whenever there is a difference in refractive status of more than 1 diopter between two eyes, there is a chance of amblyopia (lazy eye) when the brain starts ignoring the blurry eye. I think your eye doctor has done a great job...  Read Full »

My left upper eyelid is bigger than the right. How to rectify this?

Query: Hello doctor,My left upper eyelid is bigger than the right. Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Rahul Vaswani

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen the image uploaded by you (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It is not bigger. The condition is known as ptosis, that is, the inability to move your upper lid. How long have you been like that? There are various possibilities: If it is fr...  Read Full »

My 4-year-old daughter has cylindrical power of 0.75 and 2.5. What could be the reason?

Query: Hi doctor, My four-year-old daughter had her first eye test. I was shocked to see that she had cylindrical power in her eyes. The left eye had a power of 0.75, and the right eye had a power of 2.5. Both are cylindrical, and there is no spherical power in the eyes. The doctor checked her vision, ...  Read Full »

Dr. Hussein Mohamed Sherif Ahmed Ayoub

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Did she see 6 / 12 with or without glasses correction? No, that is not normal for her age. For her age, she should see 6 / 6 with both eyes, but given that she has a cylinder (a condition we call astigmatism) and has never worn glasses before, she might be amblyopic...  Read Full »

Is it normal to not have a /6 vision for a 4-years-old child?

Query: Hello doctor, My son is almost 4-years-old. I got his routine eyesight check-up with dilation today. From the right eye, he could not read the last three lines even with the lenses they put to check vision, and his number is cylindrical minus 2.5. From the left eye, he could see 6/7.5, and his numbe...  Read Full »

Dr. Shikha Gupta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concern about your son. The good news is it is detected early. It can be a lazy eye, but the normal adult vision of 6/6 comes at six years, which may also be a reason for low vision. But yes, whatever cylindrical power comes, he must use spectacles b...  Read Full »

Having Lazy eye with vision problem. How can the vision be improved?

Query: Hello doctor, My daughter is 30 years old and is having Lazy eye with vision problem, in her left eye. It is not squint. The other eye is having normal vision. How can the vision be improved?  Read Full »

Dr. Abhishek Onkar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Lazy eye, without squint could lead to the following possibilities: 1. Amblyopia. 2.Retinal problem. 3. Neurological problem. I would advice you to: Take an ophthalmic consultation with full ophthalmic examination. Refraction test. Fundus examination. ...  Read Full »

I have low self-confidence due to my lazy eye. Kindly help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 23 year old female and my concern is that I think I have a lazy eye or I might be cross-eyed. I have attached a few pictures. I have consulted many eye care specialists in the past, and they always say my eyes are fine and that because of the epicanthic fold in my eyes, they app...  Read Full »

Dr. Priyanka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen the images (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It does not look like you have either cross eyes or squint. Regarding lazy eye, we have to check your eye power. Do not be disappointed. Telecanthus is present, which means that the distance be...  Read Full »

How to have eye muscle coordination without undergoing surgery?

Query: Hello doctor,I am 25 years old. I have a problem of left eye muscle weakness which is lazy eye and due to which my two eyeballs do not coordinate most of the time. I feel complex and low. Unfortunately, I have been an amazing student and never worried about it. I never did any exercise for it. Ca...  Read Full »

Dr. Bandivadekar Pooja Mohan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You may have two distinct but inter-related problems of squint and amblyopia. Squint is the deviation of eye and amblyopia is the lazy eye. Patching will work when you are younger, usually less than 10 years of age. Squint surgery is simple, and an option if the squint is...  Read Full »

How to get rid of lazy eye in a 9-month-old kid?

Query: Hello doctor, My 9-month-old daughter has lazy eye issue. She opened her right eye one week after her birth, and delivery was normal without any complication. Her birth weight is 2.4 kg, and her current weight is 8 kg. Her height is 2 feet. Could you suggest any remedy or treatment for her?  Read Full »

Dr. Hussein Mohamed Sherif Ahmed Ayoub

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, my first question is, how did you know that she has a lazy eye? Was she examined before by an ophthalmologist? I can see her upper lid falling on the visual axis, that might be a problem, but we do not usually interfere unless it is complete ptosis, a condit...  Read Full »

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