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I experience widespread muscle twitching with sudden tinnitus in ears. How to clear it?

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Published At December 1, 2020
Reviewed AtDecember 9, 2020

Patient's Query

Wanted to get opinion. Age 20, male, no health conditions (sorry for the long story) About a year ago, I started to experience widespread muscle twitching. They are primarily in my calves when I'm resting but typically ALL over. Random times, random places, intermittent, and random intensities starting from vibrations all the way to pretty harsh muscle jerk or jump. Along with this twitching, I have also had this coupled with some other symptoms I would like to address. I have had an increase in floaters in my eyes and sensitivity to "after images" but only for lights not actual images.

In addition, I have random bouts of sudden pulsating tinnitus lasting a few seconds, always less than a minute these have slowly gone away but now I have a weird ear symptom. Whenever I plug one ear, or music transfers from one ear to the other such as when I am wearing headphones, I hear a rapid thumping or fluttering in my ears. Also, when I close only my one eye closed (more on left side) I hear a thumping and thundering that occurs as well, I was doing this for a while yesterday and my ear actually became warm. Really worried I have seen a neurologist only for the muscle twitching but wanted a second opinion.

Have had normal physical exam, normal MRI without contrast (except for small arachnoid cyst), 3 normal EEG, normal EMG and NCV (only tested on one limb). My questions: Possibilities of causing all of this? Are they related or individual? Chances of having something neurologically wrong with all those tests done?

Separate question: Ear problems. I am very worried about the ear thumping, its really weird when I close one ear the other thumps for a second then goes away. Same when music is transferred form one to the other. Also, when I blink my left eye the thumping occurs rapidly Questions to be answered 1. The muscle twitching started longer than a year ago, so around a year and some months (about a year and 3 to 4 months ago)

2. I would say that in number of twitches and there presence they have definitely increased in number of random twitches throughout my body. But still have remained intermittent and random in nature place position and intensity. Some days definitely worse than others.

3. Twitches occur mostly in calves, but also in thoughts, biceps and triceps (basically all of legs and arm) also had some weird ones. I had a rapid twitch / tremor in the side of my mouth too which was weird and around my lips, these occur rare. Eye twitch is also new, been happening more often. Also had one in the upper left of my stomach under my ribs. So pretty much all over. Also my back and butt sometimes. Neck rarely but sometimes. Everywhere but mainly in legs and arms if I were to choose.

4. No decreased muscle power that I have noticed especially not obvious, maybe slight but neuro did not detect any weakness so I’m assuming there is none.

5. No impairment of sensation

6. Not really any thinning of any muscle I assume this would be obvious? I have not seen any.

7. No neck pain but lower back pain sometimes yes

8. I am bad at holding urine, I can hold to a certain extent but no not really I have to go, I’ve never had an accident but some trouble yes in terms of time, I cannot wait a long long time. So not bad but yes.

9. I can run properly yes sometimes short of breath but I assume this is due to me being out of shape (have not run in over a year so I get tired and breathless easy) but I can physically run yes.

10. They occur in full wake time, never noticed them in my sleep or been disturbed, from what I’ve noticed only in awake time.

11. Eye and ear problems same time the twitches maybe later than this. But the intermittent pulsating tinnitus was more often periods a new months ago doesn’t really occur. Floaters came on as well. The pulsing in ear or rapid fluttering I hear when I plug one ear it happens in the next or if I wink tightly

12. I did see an ophthalmologist a few months back for the floaters everything was normal did not see an ENT 1. I sleep a good amount of hours but the timing is off, go to bed late wake up late. I sleep late, it’s not too hard for me to fall asleep if it’s the right hour, don’t usually wake up during the night mayne sometimes, overall sleep amount is good hours are just messed up. I feel fresh yes most the time. 2. Mood is usually good happy energetic joyful sometimes lazy more often now. I guess I am worried a lot too, yes that’s a big one but more about university and responsibilities. Never irritable. 3. Appetite is good normal eater

Thanks soo much! If you could kindly answer in the response to this would be great :) as well as what you think it could be if anything? Does it point or indicate neurological processes? Anything serious? Benign? Worried.

Hello !

Sorry to know regarding all this,

I went through all Of those points

1) Random twitches , random places and random timing —-so this per say could be mainly because of few reasons . Vitamin B 12 defieciency , Vitamin D Defieciency , benign fasiculation syndrome , Anxiety . Any serious cause of twitching would surely make twitching more and more of 1 or 2 areas ... And since it is not accompanied with cramps or muscle weakness so far , so You’re quite good then, these twitching does not seem to be concerning and there is definitely nothing serious .

2) The occasional tinnitus sometimes happen when is response to a startle reflex , or sometimes when we are concentrating at some other point and sudden hear a loud sound so close to your ear . This is a normal physiological response and since it goes away On its own, it again doesn’t point out to any serious cause .

3) Floaters in front of eyes can come in various Ophthal conditions and sometimes in migraine but since you don’t give any migraine history , so again anything Neuorological is extremely unlikely .

4) Normal NCV EMG MRI, Ophthal exam normal all point out to you being in decent shape and disease free

5) Now all of it can point to anxiety disorder , usually when we tend to think a lot and especially in these pandemic times , overthinking makes us extremely sensitive to very soft stimuli and can amplify it and present it to us in a different manner.

6 ) My advice is to First take Vit B 12 supplements , Vit D supplements , then to address anxiety and overthinking ..

Best way is Deep abdominal breathing exercises and yoga .

7) Let me know if there is anything else I could help you with . Regards

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Dr. Gursimran Singh
Dr. Gursimran Singh


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