Q. Can laser be used to treat eye floaters and retinal tears?

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Hello doctor,

I am 29 years old. I have eye floaters in both my eyes. I am suffering from nearsightedness, and I have retinal tears. I consulted several doctors, but I did not get proper answers. The topic of eye floaters is not studied well in my country. My ophthalmologist says that I should do nothing and wait, just have a systematic evaluation of my eyes. I also consulted a laser eye surgeon. He offered me to get LASIK surgery at first, but he also did not give me definite and concise answers. The floaters almost poison my life. I am really close to a depression. My occupation is connected with computers, so I have to work on it for a long time every day. The last time, my eye floaters become more and more bothersome, and it seems to me that their number is gradually increasing. They are of different forms and sizes.

I read a lot of information about the possible eye floaters treatment. To be honest, I am afraid of vitrectomy, as it is extremely risky. Laser treatment is more preferable, but I got to know that the patients of my age are not treatable by means of laser procedure. In this case, I have got some questions to ask. What should I do to stop the increasing of my eye floaters? Should I follow my ophthalmologist's advice and do nothing? Are there any successful cases of eye floaters treatment among the patients of my age by laser? Can I have a laser treatment of eye floaters when I become older or this type of eye floaters can never be treated by laser?

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Dr. Priyanka Agarwal
Ophthalmology (Eye Care


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  • I understand your problem but do not be depressed, because everybody has to pass this phase of vitreous floaters. Some have it early due to myopia, and some have it in old age. These are definitely bothering, but it should settle and will take their own time. There is no treatment.
  • But since you have mention retinal tears and you are symptomatic, I would suggest you go for laser treatment. Otherwise, you will land up in retinal detachment. Laser treatment will be done for a retinal tear, but indirectly they will reduce floaters also.

I have many patients like, and I have treated them also. Your age is no problem.

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