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Detoxification - Ways to Detoxify your Body

Published on Feb 22, 2019 and last reviewed on Mar 17, 2023   -  7 min read


Detoxification is the method of removing substances that are toxic to the body, mainly physiologically done by the liver. In some cases, it also refers to the removal of ingested poison or drugs taken for long-term from the body and get to the normal body composition and function.

Detoxification - Ways to Detoxify your Body


It is the method of removing substances that are toxic to the body, mainly physiologically done by the liver. In some cases, it also refers to the removal of ingested poison or drugs taken for long-term from the body and get to the normal body composition and function.

Why should you detoxify?

Detoxification gives the following benefits and hence, should be considered for a better living:

  • Removal of toxins from the body: As we are exposed to so much of chemical and pollution, there happens an accumulation of these toxic substances which need detoxification.

  • To keep chronic diseases away: These accumulated toxins can cause some severe effects on various systems. Though the liver does its work but is continuously overloaded and to help it, outside detoxification is essential.

  • To strengthen our immune system.

  • To lose weight and increase metabolism, thus keeping away diseases.

  • Slowing down premature aging, thus aesthetically beneficial.

  • Improve the overall functioning of the body.

  • To get physical, emotional and mental peace. This also improves sleep.

  • To balance the various systems of the body.

How do you know if you need to detoxify?

Since the liver does its own work of detoxifying, we almost always overlook what our body is trying to say. If you notice the following, then you may need to consider detoxification.

How will detoxification work?

The detoxification process brings its benefits by doing the following:

  • It will provide rest to the organs of the body by fasting.

  • Blood circulation will be improved.

  • Liver stimulation to remove the toxins.

  • Also, organs like intestines, kidney, and skin will help to remove the toxins.

  • The body will again be filled with an adequate amount of healthy nutrients.

How do you start a detox?

Detoxing is a very simple and natural method. You do not have to put in some really extra efforts as it may sound. The basics of this revolve around hydration, exercise and eating healthy. Thus, reducing the load of toxins.

How to detox your whole body?

  • Stop taking coffee, alcohol, saturated fats, refined sugars, cigarettes, and any other toxic product that can delay the healing process of the body.

  • Avoiding any product that is for a topical application like beauty products and any chemical-based household cleaners, etc.

  • Control stress and anxiety.

  • Practicing exercise, yoga, meditation.

  • Eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water.

Once the detoxification programme is under progress, you can add the following daily routine to enjoy the benefits:

  • Fiber consumption: Take high fiber content in diet including brown rice, fresh fruits, and vegetables that are grown organically. Beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, radish, seaweed, spirulina are really beneficial in detoxification.

  • Drink plenty of water. You can take 500 ml water soon after waking up, at least 1 to 2 liters of water a day. Preferably use stainless steel containers (bottles to carry water).

  • Cleansing and helping the liver to boost its detoxification effect by consuming green tea, milk thistle, burdock, etc.

  • More of Vitamin C consumption.

  • Practice breathing slowly. This will help in better circulation of air within the body.

  • Be positive. This will also help in reducing stress.

  • Sweating (in the sauna) can help you evacuate toxins via perspiration.

  • Brushing softly to cleanse your pores and remove dead cells from skin.

  • Hydrotherapy can help you relax. You can do it by taking a hot shower for five minutes followed by cold water for 30 seconds and get into bed for 30 minutes.

  • Exercise, do yoga or skipping daily.

What are the natural foods for detoxification of various organs?

Various natural foods can be used to detoxify specific organs in a better way which are as follows:

1. Liver:

The main organ for detoxification can be boosted by consuming bitter foods, and foods that facilitate the production of internal antioxidants, and glutathione.

  • Cabbage.

  • Beetroot.

  • Broccoli.

  • Garlic.

  • Lemon juice.

  • Salad greens and green apple.

  • Yellow dock.

  • Dandelion.

2. Kidney:

This helps to excrete toxins in urine. Drinking adequate amount of water will help it. Some foods are believed to increase its action and are as follows:

  • Green tea.

  • Water.

  • Cilantro.

  • Alfalfa.

  • Nettle.

  • Parsley.

  • Cranberry.

  • Juniper berry.

3. Lungs:

This works by exhaling carbon dioxide and inhaling adequate oxygen. Sound sleep and breathing exercises are beneficial. You can take the following foods (more of the ones with spicy flavors, smell, and textures) along with it.

  • Turnip.

  • Black seed.

  • Radish.

  • Wasabi.

  • Cayenne.

  • Mustard.

4. Lymph:

This acts against infection and foreign substances. You can activate it by massaging thymus, and gentle massaging of skin. The foods you can use are:

  • Turmeric.

  • Ginger.

  • Lime.

  • Lemon.

  • Grapefruit.

  • Garlic.

  • Seaweeds.

  • Astragalus.

  • Echinacea.

  • Goldenseal.

5. Colon:

It works by excreting solid waste and harboring protective bacteria. You can do this by following proper defecation habits, using probiotics, salt or natural or herbal laxatives. The food that can be consumed for this are:

  • Chia seeds.

  • Lentils.

  • Foods that are lacto fermented, like kimchi, apple cider vinegar, etc.

  • Root vegetables like beetroots, turnips, etc.

  • Apples.

  • Onions.

  • Garlic.

  • Aloe vera.

  • Dandelion.

  • Psyllium.

6. Skin:

Being the largest organ, it detoxifies via sweat. You can do exercise, drink a lot of water, eat healthy food, gently massage, cleanse and brush, etc., to get the benefits. The foods that can help in the process are:

  • Purple cabbage.

  • Beetroots.

  • Walnuts.

  • Sunflower seeds.

  • Sun butter.

  • Blueberries.

  • Nettle.

  • Oat straw.

Detoxification Drinks

Just as foods, even drinks can help you detoxify. They include water, lemon water, lime juice,

green tea, orange juice, beetroot juice, fruit smoothie ( fruits rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and mineral), vegetable smoothie and, green juice (broccoli, spinach, kale).

How to detoxify your body from drugs?

Drug detoxification is done in cases of withdrawal symptoms, acute drug overdose or drug dependency. It involves the following:

  • Evaluation: The patient is evaluated for the specific drug and its concentration in the body along with drug history and symptoms, and any associated disorders.

  • Stabilization: The patient is explained about what will be done during the process of detoxification and what effects can be expected during and after the process. This can be done with or without drugs but the former is more commonly used.

  • Guiding the patient into treatment: Sincedetoxificationprocess is physical, in this stage, the patient is guided and motivated to join a drug rehabilitation programme.

Rapid detoxification is to use heavy sedation along with opiod antogonists but is expensive, highly dangerous and ineffective and hence, not preferred.

How to detox the body for weight loss?

Though the above-mentioned methods will help in weight loss through detoxification, some of the major methods to specifically cause weight loss via detoxification are drinking adequate water, exercise, good sleep, avoid toxins and unhealthy foods, drinks, and habits, have a good sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, sweat out, and follow natural detoxification programme twice a year.

Detoxification is a very beneficial process, especially when done naturally. But still, consulting your physician (chiropractor preferably) can help you to decide and guide the best detoxification programme, methods, and duration that will suit you and give you the desired effects. With the help of online medical platforms, it is quite easy to consult your doctor online with all your queries and get informed about the details that you want.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Detoxing Good for Your Body?

The liver and kidney are the vital organs that are involved in the proper filtration of the toxins. Only a few people get an energetic feel during and after the detoxification process. There is no actual evidence to prove that detox diets are beneficial.


What Are the Symptoms of Your Body Detoxing?

Some people tend to stop detoxing in the middle of the process if they have fatigue, headache, nausea, and other physical discomforts. It will be tiring if the person has diarrhea. Some tend to be energetic and fine. The symptoms are not standard and might change according to the health condition of the individual.


How Long Does It Take to Cleanse the Body?

The duration required for body cleansing might vary from one person to another. The regular routine of cleansing might take around three to seven days. Many people are known to feel better in the first 72 hours of detox.


Does Detoxing Cause Gas?

Some detoxing tea results in the formation of gas. It also provides a nauseating feeling. These teas might contain a laxative effect that is known to cause stress on the digestive system. Some people might even experience abdominal pain during this process.


Is Fever a Symptom of Detoxification?

If a person is withdrawing from alcohol or any other abusive substance during the detox procedure, then they might experience fever as a withdrawal mechanism. There are many treatment options to treat people who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Drugs like Methadone are usually recommended.


How Do You Stop a Detox Headache?

Some people experience a detox headache while they are detoxifying. The following are some of the natural remedies that can help in relieving detox headaches.
- You can try taking a warm or hot shower, followed by a cold shower. This will help in removing the toxins and stretching the skin.
- Try to get more sleep. Sleep in a peaceful environment.
Dim all the bright lights in the room.


How Do You Feel While Detoxing?

A person who is detoxing might experience the following symptoms.
Irregularity in bowel movements.
- Constant food cravings.
- Tiredness.
- Irritability.
- Headache.


What Happens During a Detox Cleanse?

During a detox cleanse, water gets stored in the muscles along with glycogen. In detox, a person depends too much on juices. This causes a temporary weight loss due to the usage of glycogen reserves. There will be a deficient intake of certain fat, protein, and fiber.


How Does the Liver Carry Out the Process of Detoxification?

The liver carries out the process of detoxification with the help of sinusoidal channels that are lined by immune cells. By a process called oxidation, the liver utilizes the enzymes and oxygen. The liver does a fair job in metabolizing the drug and detoxifying the chemicals.


How Can I Detox Naturally?

The following steps are to be followed for detoxifying naturally.
- Focus on sleep.
- Limit alcohol. A larger amount of alcohol is being metabolized in the liver.
- Reduce the intake of sugar and processed foods.
- Drink more water.
- Eat antioxidant-rich foods.
- Stay active.
- Decrease your salt intake.
- Eat prebiotics rich foods.


What Drink Helps to Detox My Liver?

The following drinks help in detoxifying the liver.
- Turmeric tea.
- Mint tea.
- Fenugreek water.
- Ginger and lemon tea.
- Cinnamon and oatmeal drink.
- Chamomile tea.


Can I Clean My Stomach Naturally?

Yes, you can clean your stomach naturally. There are certain foods that aid in the colon cleansing process. They are:
Leafy greens vegetables like spinach.
- Oatmeal.
- Broccoli.
- Raspberries.
- Milk.
These foods also help in promoting a good digestion process.


Is It Necessary to Detox Your Body?

It is not mandatory to do a detox. It is a personal choice of the individual. Our body has a natural tendency to detoxify itself through the lungs, sweat, feces, and urine. However, some people find the detoxification process very energetic and effective.


Who Should Not Detox?

Teenagers need a large number of energy supplements. Detox procedure is highly unsafe for them. People with the following conditions should avoid detox.
- Pregnant women.
- Cardiovascular conditions.
- Diabetes.
- Eating disorder patients.
- Other underlying medical conditions.
It is better to get recommendations from your doctor before going for detoxification.


What Are the Side Effects of Detoxing?

The side effects of the detoxing process might vary from one person to another. The common side effects of detoxing are:
- Low blood sugar.
- Low energy.
- Lightheadedness.
- Fatigue.
- Muscle aches.
- Dizziness.
- Nausea.


Does the Foot Detox Really Work?

Researches show that there were no positive results identified with the foot detox process. The levels of toxins in the body were also not reduced. But, some people find detox very relaxing as it is a painless procedure.


Does Detoxification Reduce Weight?

Yes, detoxification can help you reduce weight. But, the changes in weight reduction is noted for a temporary period and are not permanent. Weight loss in detoxification happens due to the increased intake of fruits, vegetables, and water.

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