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Lifestyle Modifications for Women's Health

by Dr. Shakti Mishra at 19.Sep.2017 on Fitness

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This article talks about the healthy habits every busy woman should develop, to prevent diseases in the long run and be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

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Women of today find it very difficult to juggle between their personal and professional life, especially if they are mothers. But, having two incomes at home has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Yes, it does feel very good to call oneself a working woman, but the working hours are taking a toll on their health, with an increasing number of health problems arising due to incompatible work timings as well as unhealthy and erratic eating habits.

Even if she chooses not to take up a job, staying at home and catering to the demands of the entire family leaves her with very less time to spend on herself.

In both the cases, women find it very hard to stay fit, and sometimes the activity level slows down with every passing day. Wherever it is, at home or the workstation, there is a tremendous pressure upon women to keep up with every changing role. It is no wonder then that women become multitaskers. Hence, it is essential to work on the inner peace and internal strength of the body which forms the base of all the activities she performs during the day.

There are some principles that every woman should follow to have a productive day:

  1. Have a regular exercise session every morning before you start your day. This can include stretching exercises, jogging, ball exercises or yoga. Even giving half an hour a day to physical activities will work wonders.
  2. Devote at least an hour each day to contemplate in silence, listen to your favorite songs or just observe nature.
  3. Ensure sufficient sleep as it would restore your energy, improve your immunity and make you more efficient in completing your tasks ahead.
  4. Stay positive by watching some educative and inspirational videos or read a book, at least a single chapter a day.
  5. Go out for a walk at any time of the day. This will elevate your mood and keep you charged.
  6. Try to talk to at least two people every day. This will improve your confidence, lead to an exchange of ideas, and allow you to know more about lifestyle issues of the people around you.
  7. Discuss current issues to improve your IQ level. The more you exercise your brain, the healthier it stays. It is that simple.
  8. If you feel that your work or chores are getting repetitive and boring, think about how you are getting better at them and managing your time more efficiently.
  9. Every single day, do something that you like the best and makes you happy. Be it hobbies such as gardening or writing. If you do not already have a hobby, make sure you develop one.
  10. Eat healthy and stick to your timings to avoid fatigue and lethargy.
  11. Have regular medical check ups and screenings at stipulated months every year. Follow-up with your healthcare professional on any pre-existing medical condition.
  12. Write down your 'To-do list' at the beginning of the day so that you can prioritize your work and not feel weighed down.

Try to spend a minimum of an hour every day for yourself so that you can be yourself, identify your true inner callings, and be a role model to everyone around you.

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