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Health and Sleep: Two Interconvertible Words!!!

Published on Sep 23, 2015 and last reviewed on Jul 27, 2022   -  4 min read


Having a good sleep is crucial for a healthy life and wellbeing. Read this article to know more about why sleep and health are closely related.

Health and Sleep: Two Interconvertible Words!!!


Almost everyone is stressed and already busy with a fix of life's untiring tasks. There is a lot of lacking behind when we look at our schedule and the calendar is always showing us dates ahead of what we are expecting. Who will have time to sleep enough in these moments of life? Many of us think it to be a waste of time if spent on sleeping.

But, we forget what sleep actually is and why we actually are lacking behind the schedules. Our whole body including the brain needs proper spells of a sound sleep and that too in a periodic way to work optimally and give us the best output as needed for us. Sleep is the key to fast reflexes, long term memory and remote usage of skills and knowledge. Success is the other name of balance in our sleep-wake cycle.

We forget in the hustle and bustle of modern life that keeping a balance in the sleep-wake cycle will make us more attentive and the work done will be more fruitful and quality oriented. Working hard is not needed, working smart is only needed in professional life. This can only be achieved through freshness from sound and peaceful sleep.

What Does Circadian Rhythm Mean

Chronobiologists describe the day and night (light and darkness) cycle to be present in the human body as circadian rhythm. It is based on the number of hours of daylight and the same for the night. Our body adjusts itself accordingly. The pineal gland in the brain secretes melatonin hormone in response to the night or darkness. Melatonin is implicated as the chief controller of the circadian rhythm. Not only humans but animals body systems also follow this cycle. That is why we should respect the call of the zoo management for evacuating the zoo after sunset so that all lights would be switched off to avoid disturbing the circadian rhythm of the animals.

If one does not get enough of the needed sleep, what may happen to them?

How Can We Get Better Sleep?

The number of sleep hours needed for an average human being is between 6 and 9 per 24 hours. But it is not only the number of hours needed to sleep. Quality sleep matters a lot. Reason for a poor quality sleep may be snoring, anxiety, depression, tension headache, migraine, temporal arteritis, glaucoma, uncontrolled diabetes leading to polyuria (frequent urination) and nocturia (waking at night to urinate), hypertension, pain in the body, etc.


If one cannot get up easily in the morning, unable to focus on important tasks of daily life, or are lacking behind their peers, the reason may be sleep deprivation. It is advised to try out the tips mentioned above and it is believed to work better and will definitely provide better sleep and will provide everyone a chance to excel in their life.

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