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Penuma Implant - An Overview

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Penuma is a penile implant intended primarily for visual enhancement.

Written by

Dr. Saranya. P

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Ramesh Mohanlal Maheshwari

Published At September 22, 2023
Reviewed AtNovember 20, 2023

What Is Penuma Implant?

Penuma is a penile implant approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that was created primarily for aesthetic purposes. The implant is made in the United States from medical-grade silicone that feels soft and natural. Compared to erectile dysfunction medical implants, it is entirely different in shape and function. It is a cosmetic implant used to add bulk, correct indentation abnormalities, or boost the appearance of retractile penis size (a penis that partially protrudes below the skin's surface). Since 2004, hundreds of men have had the successful implant of penuma, which prominent urologists created.

How and From What Material Is the Penuma Implant Made?

The penuma implant's soft, medical-grade silicone sleeve gives it a natural sensation that is comparable to the texture of the penis. The implant does not contain any liquids or gels; therefore, unlike other penile enhancement procedures, it does not degrade over time.

It is made in a facility with an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification under American quality controls. Instead of 360 degrees, the penuma implant surrounds the penile shaft at 270 degrees. This prevents pressure from being applied to the urethra, which has ejaculatory and urine functions.

The implant is additionally narrowed near the top of the shaft for a more realistic appearance, as the narrower borders allow for better contrast with the glans (head) and penis body. The implant's center ridge allows it to open like a butterfly, which is designed to assist the patient in getting an erection usually.

Does Penuma Lengthen the Erect Penis?

Like a penile sleeve but under the skin, the penuma implant essentially wraps around the internal tissue of the penis. The way it is constructed can also lengthen the penis when it is not erect. But the penuma implant does not lengthen the erect penis; thus, it is not an actual penile enlargement operation that will add any additional penile inches. The primary reasons for this are the implant's architecture and the physiology of the penis. The penis has spongy tissue chambers called the corpora cavernosa, which enlarge when a person experiences an erection. When one is stimulated, an erection occurs due to the engorgement of these chambers caused by blood flow into the penis.

Most cosmetic treatments that enlarge a section of the body (breast implants, for instance) involve cutting up tissue and inserting a silicone implant to add extra size. However, since the soft tissue of the penis relies on an intricate system of blood arteries to get engorged, this surgery does not lengthen it.

None of this tissue is useless, so a surgeon cannot simply enter and begin removing tissue to make room for the implant. If that were the case, one might strive for aesthetic change that affects the penis's functionality. Because it only raises girth, the penuma implant can be inserted into the penis without affecting the complicated erectile tissue structure and blood circulation.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for a Penuma Implant?

The penuma implant is not suitable for everyone. Before receiving the implant, patients must be of legal age and have undergone circumcision.

  • Patients with other forms of penile augmentation are typically ineligible because foreign objects have harmed their skin. The penis does not entirely return to normal even if the other treatment was performed many years ago; there will always be leftovers present and adhered to the inside lining of the penile tissue.

  • The implant cannot be inserted even after removing a foreign body. The skin around the implant does not heal effectively, and the implant does not lay well within the shaft. These patients consequently fall into a significantly higher risk group for problems and infections.

  • To receive anesthesia, the general health must be in good condition.

  • Individuals must abstain from using tobacco and illegal drugs for at least 30 days before their operation and for at least three months following it.

  • Individuals should have reasonable expectations of penuma and what it may provide. Although this implant can boost self-confidence, it cannot address all the problems.

  • Individuals must agree to abide by all pre-and postoperative instructions.

What Penuma Implant Size Is Ideal?

Various sizes, including large, extra large, and extra extra large, are offered for the implant. To maximize happiness and safety, the physician will choose the ideal size for the individual's unique anatomy.

The doctor will analyze the skin's adaptability, the amount of loose skin, and the initial dimensions of the shaft, including the underlying area of the shaft, to determine the safest size. The size of each implant will be individually adjusted, taking into account the anatomy, safety, and penile look.

The elasticity of the skin and the ligament's flexibility because of the implant's weight are two factors that may affect the outcome. In the past, doctors have observed comparable outcomes for all penuma implant sizes.

How Is the Penuma Procedure Carried Out?

It is implanted below the skin of the penis, making the penuma implant a subcutaneous penile implant. The surgeon makes A small incision along the upper portion of the scrotum.

The likelihood of developing scar tissue in the pubic region is diminished by entering the shaft through the scrotum. Additionally, the incision line usually blends in well after complete healing because of the nature of the scrotal skin. The penuma implant is inserted into and positioned beneath the shaft's skin. The implant is stitched into position behind the head of the penis and is designed to expand forward during an erection. Surgical mesh is used to strengthen the implant to make it more stable.

A JP (Jackson-Pratt) drain is then inserted by the surgeon, who subsequently seals the incision. This drain is typically left in place for two to three days to aid healing, though each patient's recovery time may vary.

Does the Penuma Implant Impact Ejaculation, Erection, or Sensation?

Based on a clinical assessment of 400 individuals conducted over five years, there were no instances of altered penile function, erection maintenance, or ejaculation during sex.

A shift in sensation might occur. Some patients have reported both an increase in and a decrease in sensitivity. This is often transient and goes away over time as the skin stretches. Individual outcomes might differ.

What Are the Complications and Risks of Penuma Implant Surgery?

Some potential hazards are associated with every surgical operation, and penuma implant surgery is no exception. The risks of most complications from this sort of treatment can be reduced with the proper pre-op and post-op care, though issues are often infrequent.

The following are possible dangers and issues connected to the penuma implant:

  • Seroma (accumulation of bodily fluid).

  • Scar tissue formation.

  • Infection.

  • Bleeding.

Many of these, like the development of scars and infection, are frequent potential concerns connected to numerous surgical procedures, not only penile surgery.

According to research, penuma implant problems are relatively infrequent. Less than five percent of study participants experienced seroma, the most frequent issue; a lesser percentage of patients reported other postoperative problems. Less than three percent of patients who had surgery for a penuma implant overall needed to have the device removed because of issues or other adverse outcomes.

What Are the Preoperative and Postoperative Guidelines?

All patients who opt for the implant will review pre-and postoperative instructions with the doctor. The guidelines below will apply:

  • Before The Procedure:

    • Food must not be consumed after midnight.

    • Take a shower the night before and the morning of the treatment with Chlorhexidine liquid skin cleanser. Most pharmacies carry Chlorhexidine, an antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaner.

  • After The Procedure:

    • A JP drain will be inserted and leave the incision site during surgery. Usually, this drain is taken out three days following the operation.

    • Patients should refrain from carrying anything heavier than 25 pounds for at least two weeks.

    • No stimulation or sexual activity for at least six weeks.

    • For four weeks, avoid touching or manipulating the penis except when urinating.


The only silicone sleeve implant approved by the FDA to enhance penile aesthetics is Penuma. As a result, if one is considering cosmetic surgery for the penis, it is definitely at or near the top of the list of things to research. A few things to consider while considering getting a penuma implant are that instead of length, penuma primarily increases girth, the cost of this kind of surgery is high, and individuals most likely do not require it.

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Dr. Ramesh Mohanlal Maheshwari
Dr. Ramesh Mohanlal Maheshwari



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