Answered by Dr. Aditi Gupta

Answered by Dr. Aditi Gupta

My wife has a tear in her anus after anal sex. Please guide.

Hi doctor,

I got married recently and tried anal sex. Because of it there is a small tear in her anus. This incident happened 3 weeks back. She does not have any pain while motion and also there is no blood or white mucus in the stool. But, she feels a flesh strand (like thread) at her anus opening. And from two days she is having constipation. Please guide us how to proceed. Thank you.

19 Apr 2024 - 1 min read

What causes a swollen lymph node behind the ear?

Hello doctor,

I have had this swollen lymph node behind my ear for about three months now. What could the reason be? There is no pain. I can move it. I do not have any other symptoms, such as fever, weight loss, or fatigue. I have been coughing up mucus for a few years now. Could this be the reason, and is there any infection suspected? About two weeks ago, I noticed a smaller lymph node appear right under my ear lobe (the top of my neck). What could be the reason for this? I also realized the skin where my lymph node is red and warm. Is it cancer? Please help. I have pictures attached with the lymph node behind my ear.

Kindly help.

10 Apr 2024 - 1 min read

Why is my TSH extremely low?

Hi doctor,

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's four years ago and maintained on NDT. All the tests are within the normal range although borderline till now. My result shows extremely low TSH 0.036 µIU/mLand FT4 of 0.28 ng/dL and extremely high FT3 of 11 ng/dL. My cortisol and ACTH are also extremely low. My TPO is less than 1 µIU/mL. What to do?

15 Feb 2024 - 1 min read

There is no improvement in my father's cough. What to do?

Hi doctor,

My father is 67 years old. His past history included pneumonia several years ago, leg cramps once in every two weeks or so and vitamin B helps with it and minor daily coughing of unsure cause. He never smoked and does not drink alcohol. Three and a half weeks ago, he went to the ER due to severe chest pain. His EKG was apparently unconcerned, chest x-ray was clear, CT scan of the chest was normal and all the laboratory tests were normal. He was given Morphine and Nitro and the chest pain got resolved. He was sent home the same night with Nitro prescription and an appointment to see a cardiologist. He saw cardiologist one and a half weeks ago. His cardiologist said that his EKG reveals AFib and not happy with a CT scan of the chest due to poor timing of filming versus contrast injection. He placed him on Diltiazem, Eliquis and Nitro prn. Also, he placed him on a cardiac monitor at home and given a follow up in two weeks. After the cardiologist appointment, my dad started getting a horrible dry, hacking cough, which gets worse every day. He is unable to sleep. He can only sleep on the chair here and there. Strangely, when he lies down, the cough subsides. It resumes immediately on sitting up and walking around. I finally convinced him to call the cardiologist about severe unrelenting cough since being put on new medicines. Then, we met the cardiologist and had a heart monitor read. As the cough still persists, chest x-ray was ordered and no pneumonia, but fluid was found around his heart. So, the cardiologist has placed him additionally on Digoxin, Lasix and Potassium along with Cardizem, Eliquis and Nitro prn. He is asked to wear monitor longer and given next appointment after three weeks. Now, he is on the third day of medication and no change was observed in cough or inability to sleep. It even got worse now. He has never had heart issues before. I need your help on my father's cardiac illness and diagnosis.

06 Feb 2024 - 1 min read

How to quit cigarette smoking in three weeks time?

Hi doctor,

I want to quit smoking. Is it possible to quit cigarette smoking within three weeks time? What are the side effect after quitting cigarette smoking?

Is Nicotex recommended by medical council?

29 Jan 2024 - 1 min read

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