Q. I have vitamin D deficiency with back pain that aggravates on sitting and standing. Please help.

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Hello doctor,

I am 36 years old and healthy. I had Vitamin D3 deficiency with back pain four years ago when I was abroad. I came back and, did physiotherapy and Ayurvedic treatment. Things got better in two years. But I still have the following symptoms.

Back pain comes when sitting for a long time specifically in certain kinds of chairs. Sometimes twisting pain comes suddenly when I sit in certain chairs for long. Standing continuously in certain types of floors is an issue. Lifting weights is fine, but still, need to comfortably lift more than 6 kg. Standing is comfortable in roads, shops, etc., for a long time. Spine pain radiates to the back of the head and neck at times. When that happens I sometimes get lightheaded when seeing objects rotate. Pain comes when I sit and clean objects. If I do no fully sit pain does not come. Long scooter rides sometimes cause back pain the next day.



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You have symptoms that are typical of core and back muscles weakness. I will advise you to take up some regular exercise schedule whether it is gym-based, or at home like yoga, or even at work where you do chair-based exercises that help you with core strength and back toning and flexibility exercise.

You can see a good manual therapist or a physiotherapist who will be able to guide you. You should be mindful of poor posture and avoid sitting in position for any length of time.

Thank you doctor,

I would take your feedbacks and continue my exercises and also look at the option of seeing a physiotherapist. I am also doing the exercises that my physiotherapist taught me before at least thrice a week. I would also like to get more clarity on the symptoms that I mentioned before.

Back pain comes when sitting for a long time specifically in certain kinds of chairs. I also get sudden nerve movement near bone while sitting in the chairs. That makes me feel uncomfortable for a few minutes before the body settles in. Could you please explain the reason and what can be done to prevent it?

Standing continuously on certain types of floors is an issue. This mainly happens on carpet floors. So I feel to sit in chairs. In home floors or grounds, there is hardly any issue and I feel very comfortable.

Spine pain radiates to the back of the head and neck at times. When that happens I sometimes get lightheaded when seeing objects rotate. Why the same happens?



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The chairs that have a lumbar curve are preferred, as you sit the change of posture may affect the facets joint position and that brings the movement that you feel (maybe painful too). This should improve with strengthening the back muscles.

The heel digs in more than the forefoot when you are on the carpet any this changes the overall posture and pelvic tilt which explains the pain and discomfort.

This is a creator of cervical spondylosis and you will need to get an x-ray and as I alluded to earlier to best to be mindful of the posture to adopt in the office desk, laptop, phone use, etc.

Hope you are doing good. I have been doing exercises and ofcourse with Lockdown many works have increased.

I have a query. Currently am having less back pain but there are sudden nerve movements at times which gives pain and uncomfortability in body for sometime before pain eases.

I am attaching a file. This is a rice bag weighing 25Kg. Obviously lifting is a challenge. But how do I take it from one room to other without increasing my backpain or nerve movement later or putting strain in my body. In other words, correct posture to move the rice bag?.

Also correct posture to put Vaccum cleaner inside table and also in open floors will be helpful?
# Hello Vl

25 kg bag of your are suffering from back pain is a no no what ever you try unless you recover fully from the back pain.
Till then I will recommend that you use Carry cart to move such bags around. Of have someone else to do it.
Also lifting it into the cart bend from your knees and keep your back straight. Keep your attend close to your centre of body.

Why do you need to put a vacuum cleaner in a table ?
I really didn't understand the question here, what's about open floor.
the vacuum cleaners should have wheels
so not sure on open floor that you need to lift it.
Thanks for your fast response.

1. For the first query, some people say dont lift it rather move it in the floor using both your hands. Is it advisable?
Also what is the maximum weight that you advise that I can lift using the symptoms I have?

2. Regarding Vacuum cleaner I dont lift it. I just drag along wheels and put it. Table means to make it clear, it is the floor beneath the table and the bed where we have to bend and put Vacuum cleaner. So was asking you for correct posture to avoid having back pain?

3. Also why sometimes I have the nerve movements while walking or standing in slopes or in uneven portion of floors. How to reduce the symptoms?

Thanks again for quick responses you are providing
# Hello VL

Pushing on the floor is not good but pulling a cart is safer however the spine is to stay straight. Again a carry cart will be easier than dragging it on the floor

Bending down to put the vacuum cleaner under the table better to use your leg too push to it in, bending and twisting may be harmful and not recommended.

If the nerve is getting irritated then perhaps a MRI will be needed or if you cannot get it done in these times then try pregabalin 75 mg twice daily for 3 weeks to help calm the nerve and you may find that there irritability of the nerve comes under control

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