Q. My mother's fasting sugar is higher than the post prandial sugar. Why is this happening?

Answered by Dr. Kaveri Dandapani and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Image: My mother's fasting sugar is higher than the post prandial sugar. Why is this happening?

Hello doctor,

  • My mother's fasting sugar is higher than the post prandial sugar (130 and 115 respectively). She had normal diet only.
  • And also, 2 hours after taking 75 grams of glucose, without any work, the sugar level is 260. Why is this happening?

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Dr. Kaveri Dandapani
Diabetology, General Medicine


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • Regarding blood sugar levels, if a patient is diabetic and if she is on oral medication for diabetes, the sugar levels can be as have you stated (fasting blood sugar level more than the post prandial blood sugar).
  • This happens because most of the anti-diabetic medications are taken either with or before breakfast.
  • If the patient is not a diabetic, as soon as she takes the breakfast, it will act as a stimulant to produce insulin in the body and that will bring down the post prandial blood sugar level (PP).
  • Normal diet can be 2 or 3 dosas, chapatis or rotis, in which the blood glucose level will be lower than 75 grams of direct glucose. This direct glucose might also increase the sugar level to 260. 
  • Another scenario for increase in sugar after empty stomach will be because of the hormone called glucagon, which will induce glycogenolysis and neoglucogenesis in the body when the sugar levels are very low.
  • In this mechanism, the stored glycogen or lipids will be converted into glucose, thus increasing the blood sugar level.

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