Q. Is it possible to have breathing difficulties because of sinus and turbinates issues?

Answered by
Dr. B Vageesh Padiyar
and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M
Published on Aug 25, 2019 and last reviewed on: Aug 29, 2019

Hi doctor,

Operation for supraglottic collapse, laryngomalacia last year, increasing difficulty in breathing and swallowing for four years, supposed to have operation on maxillary sinus right ethmoid and CT scan of paranasal sinuses, was meant to have submucous diathermy of inferior turbinates, and reduction of middle turbinates on right-hand side, all in the 2980s but moved way and did not receive correspondence, just been identified with weak breathing muscles chest ribs back and potential diagnosis just given of respiratory dyskinesia by cardiothoracic surgeon. Was supposed to have palate and tongue looked at on advice of NHS respiratory consultant at the local hospital, not done.

The surgeon has just sent through potential diagnosis but also alluded to MRI scan taken two years back which identifies moderate mucosal hypertrophy in left maxillary and mild mucosal hypertrophy of right ethmoid sinus as well as mucosal hypertrophy of paranasal sinuses noted. Have rung 111 for advice to see if these issues could be imitated in breathing difficulties increasing leafing to immobility and weakening breathing muscles giving the potential diagnosis of respiratory dyskinesia. Also huge swallowing difficulties. Weak swallow identified a year back, barium swallow not notified by GP. No investigations despite repeated requests ENT just larynx. Nasal breathing has been weakening for a long time and now can barely breathe lying down. Choking fits increasing without food or drink.

GP has not been interested in a date. Could these sinus and turbinates issues be causing increasing differences? As now long term deteriorating problem. Choking pressure to breathe through the nose and very very weak breath. I cannot yawn. Weak jaw muscles. Cannot stick tongue out without choking. Soft palate ripping. Problems with mouth muscles smiling, etc. Feel could stop breathing in the night as breathing weaker and weaker and noises from the throat are increasing. The surgeon is recommending CPAP machine to keep throat muscles open whilst wait for neurology. Wondering if could be all ENT related. Tightening feeling around larynx and chin.

Dr. B Vageesh Padiyar

Otolaryngology (E.N.T)


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I personally feel you have been having chronic obstructive sleep apnea at different levels. However, the symptoms of difficulty in opening your mouth and yawning can be related to the temperomandibular joint. The other symptoms such as weakened chest moments causing discomfort while breathing is mostly attributed to a probable respiratory dyskinesia as provisionally diagnosed earlier.

Hypertrophy of the nasal mucosa in the ethmoid and maxillary sinuses can be secondary due to sinusitis which can be responsible for the probable headache and nasal obstruction you are having.

Treatment of the hypertophied mucosa can be initially done with nasal steroid sprays over a few months and then depending on your symptoms and a repeat CT scan should give an idea of requirement for surgical diathermy and reduction considering hypertrophied inferior turbinates. All in all, we are looking at different problems here and you will not get relief from all the symptoms. You have quotes above just by getting the sinusitis and turbinates treated.

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