Q. I am supposed to be 10 weeks pregnant from my LMP, but the scan shows 6 weeks. Why?

Answered by Dr. Nadia Khan and medically reviewed by Dr. Hema


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Hi doctor,

I am pregnant with my second child. According to my LMP, I am supposed to be about 10 weeks. However, I had a scan about 3 weeks ago which showed 6 weeks 5 days and another scan this week and it showed 6 weeks 3 days. Baby is also sitting on the uterus lining making the baby very easy to miss if the sonographer is not thorough. There is also a strong heartbeat. Is it possible that due to the baby's current position in the uterus we are not able to get the right measurements to see if the baby is growing well? I do not think it is possible for a baby to decrease in size with a strong heartbeat. Please help. I am emotionally stressed due to this. I have another follow-up scan in a week.

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Dr. Nadia Khan
Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Firstly, is your period regular or irregular? Were you breastfeeding or taking any pills? In these cases, LMP is not considered as accurate, and scan is the main thing to determine the gestational age.

Secondly, the baby position does not play a role in hindering having measurements. The baby would sit on the lining because it gets nutrition from there, and that is what is called implantation.

Thirdly, what concerning is that if measurements were the same three weeks ago why the baby has not progressed in these three weeks. Possibly one of these scans is not correct either this recent one or the last one. This thing is worrying for me, and it is good that you are having a follow-up scan, and if the baby's heartbeat is there, then you have nothing to fear. Hopefully, everything would be clear by next week.

I am wishing you all the very best.

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