Q. Is there a chance of HSV transmission through used shisha pipes?

Answered by
Dr. Philip Shenouda
and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A

Hello doctor,

I want to clarify something regarding a recent incident I had. I was smoking shisha at a shisha lounge. The waiter delivered the shisha to my table, but before that, he tried it himself, and I smoked it after that. I am worried that any diseases such as HSV1 or HSV2 may be transmitted to me if the waiter has it, I am sure that I did not come into contact with his saliva, but he did put his mouth on the shisha pipe a couple of times to test it. So please clarify this for me.

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Dr. Philip Shenouda

Family Physician General Practitioner


Welcome to icliniq.com.

There is a chance that you could acquire HSV1 (herpes simplex virus) from the waiter if he has it. HSV2 is familiar with genital herpes, not the mouth. Unfortunately, blood tests are not sensitive enough to know whether you got the virus or not. In all cases, if you start to show the symptoms which can take few days up to two weeks which are blisters around the mouth, you need to follow-up with it, and appropriate treatment will be prescribed.

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Thank you doctor,

So will it take a maximum of two weeks to contact? And if nothing appears in the two weeks will I be fine?

Dr. Philip Shenouda

Family Physician General Practitioner


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Yes, exactly you are correct.

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