Q. Can the medicine taken for Strep throat cause low energy and nausea?

Answered by
Dr. Harshul Gohel
and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A

Hello doctor,

I feel less energetic, very thirsty, and my back has been giving me issues. Also from time to time, I had been feeling nauseous. Three weeks ago I had a strep throat so I was given antibiotics and afterward I got a yeast infection, so I am confused if the side effects from the medicines or is it something else.

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Dr. Harshul Gohel

Family Physician


Welcome to icliniq.com.

It is not to worry about your medication. Your doctor prescribed it after evaluating you. So may be less chance of side effects that causes yeast infection. It will depend on your hygiene, how you maintain it. And as you mentioned that you are feeling less energetic, very thirsty, back issues, it may also lead to Infection. So not to worry about it. Follow as I advice you for symptomatic relief that will definitely help you out.

Treatment plan:

Multivitamin tablets once a day for one month. Drink waterless and more frequent for back issues.
Tablet Ultracet once a day whenever you find it is causing issues, and tablet Pantoprazole (40 mg) one table to be taken in the morning before breakfast for a month. Keep your body healthy by doing regular exercise or yoga.

Preventive measures:

During prolong seating, take a break in between.

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