Q. I have itching in the penis and tear when I retract the foreskin. Please advise.

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Hello doctor,

I had itching in the penis and tear when I retract my foreskin. This is happening for the past two to three times when I participate in intercourse and use condoms. I did not know what to do. Recently, I went to a doctor who told me that it is balanoposthitis and gave Lobate GM cream, Augmentin tablet, Metrogyl and Zerodol SP. I am uploading the image. Kindly advise me. I am having diabetes for the last two years. I am using Gluconorm Forte G2, (morning) and Figomet V 03 (night).

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Dr. Meha Malhotra
Dermatology, HIV/AIDS Specialist, Venereology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Firstly, I suggest stopping all the medications you are taking.

I suggest you start with applying Onabet (Sertaconazole) cream twice a day for five days.

Please send photos after five days. This looks like candidiasis, but as you have applied steroid cream, it is difficult to say for sure at the moment.

Clean the area only with soap and water while bathing.

Avoid intercourse for a few days.


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