Q. Why do I feel like water and liquid food get diffused outside my digestive tract?

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Hello doctor,

I feel irritation and pain in the abdomen, particularly below my right rib cage for almost two years now. I feel like water and liquid food gets diffused outside the digestive tract, into the outer parts and skin. It causes allergic irritation, inflammation, discomfort, and pain in that area, especially while I sleep or sit.



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  • For a detailed advice, I would like to know a bit more regarding your problem first.
  1. When did you notice it for the first time?
  2. How did it come to your notice?
  3. Does this pain come and go or present at all times?
  4. Is it a burning, piercing, constricting, or squeezing type?
  5. Is is related to meals? If yes, then how?
  6. Does it happen every day, with every meal, or only occasionally?
  7. Is there a single point on your body that you can touch with the tip of your finger to tell me where this pain is located? If yes, then include in the picture.
  8. Has it increased or decreased over time?
  9. Has it ever completely disappeared for days and weeks?
  10. Do you have any other problem anywhere else in the body?
  11. Do you have any fever, cough, weakness, loss of appetite, etc.?
  12. Have you gained or lost weight recently?
  13. Do you have any constipation, loose stools, blood in stools, or black colored stools?
  14. Do you have any other diseases? Are you on any medications?
  15. Have you ever had jaundice?
  16. Any childhood history of frequent sickness? If yes, kindly describe it.
  17. History of any previous surgery or injury requiring hospital admission?
  18. Anyone in your family that has some disease?
  19. Detailed dietary and lifestyle description.
  • After reviewing the limited information provided, following are the possibilities.
  1. Costochondritis.
  2. Gallbladder stones.
  3. Peptic ulcer disease.
  4. A hiatus hernia.
  5. TB (tuberculosis) chest.
  • I suggest you try doing the following.
  1. Try to identify what food and liquids cause it.
  2. Do hot fomentation of the area, if the pain is localized.
  3. Get an ultrasound done of the abdomen in fasting state. Take a light meal the night before.
  4. Get a digital chest x-ray.
  5. Try taking tablet Paracetamol 500 mg, take one and a half tablet up to three times a day.
  6. And tablet Ranitidine 150 mg, an hour before meals, twice for five days.
  • The above medicines are not going to fix everything, and these are going to bring some partial relief for the time being before we figure it out completely. Consult your specialist doctor, discuss with him or her and start taking the medicines after their consent.

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Thank you doctor,

Sorry, but now I am in my ancestral village, where the x-ray or ultrasound facility is not available. But, I did all these tests about seven months ago, and they were normal then, and there was also no stone. I am suffering a lot here, and I cannot concentrate on my work due to this. This problem started about two years ago. I had a fever, so I took paracetamol. After that, there was some kind of irritation and burning type of feeling in my abdomen. The next day there was some party, and I consumed alcohol. That night I felt severe discomfort (like when we touch something to peeled skin), which was the start. It started getting worse, and I could literally feel food piercing in my abdomen causing irritation and mild pain, like my abdomen's lining was peeled off. I could also feel like some liquid drops dropping inside my abdomen. My left testicle got a swelling. Then I consulted a doctor, he said there might be some infection and gave some tablets. By those tablets, the swelling of testicles was gone, but other problems were still there. Even nerves of that testicle still become stiff sometimes.

This pain and irritation are rarely felt during standing. But, when lying or sitting for long, it is always there. Sometimes it is constricting, other time piercing and occasionally burning too. I think it gets influenced by meals too like I feel relaxed if I take lime juice or curd. It happens every day, sometimes I can feel it near stomach other times in back or mid chest and sometimes in the skin. But mostly surrounded below right ribcage area. There are days when I feel much better.  Before this problem started, my weight was around 63 kg, and I was gaining, but after that, I lost that much. Initially, I used to get a lot of fatigue too. Sometimes I have constipation, loose stool, and occasionally black colored stool (when pain increases).

I do not have any other known diseases. But, I have allergy from all metals except gold. I did not have any childhood sickness and had never been admitted to the hospital. My sister was diagnosed with TB last year. Other than that, I do not have any other family history. Usually, in the morning I take roti, vegetables, rice, pulses, and eggs. I eat chicken weekly once. I smoke daily, although now I reduced it very much, and drink occasionally, like twice or thrice a month.



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Thanks a lot for that detailed information.

  • So, after reviewing all your information, I have considerable confidence in suggesting you the diagnosis of peptic ulcer disease (ulcer in the stomach or duodenum). This ulcer can bleed or perforate and can be life-threatening.
  • Your black stools suggest that you have been bleeding inside. That black color can be because of many reasons with blood being one of them. In your case, blood is most likely the reason.
  • I suggest you try doing the following.
  1. Quit smoking, alcohol, black tea, coffee, spicy and high-fat food.
  2. This ulceration can be caused by infection with a bacteria called H.pylori and stomach acid, which is increased by stress, smoking, alcohol, black tea, coffee, etc. 
  3. You need to get an upper GI (gastrointestinal) endoscopy done, to actually see and confirm the ulcer and take a biopsy to test for Infection. It is also important to prevent any further bleeding from this ulcer. For that, you need to visit a local gastroenterologist.
  4. Till that time you can try taking tablet Pantoprazole 40 mg, on an empty stomach, an hour before breakfast daily.
  5. For your pain, you can take syrup Mucaine (combination of Oxetacaine, Aluminium hydroxide, and Magnesium) gel, two teaspoons, 3 to 4 times a day after meals. Do not take Brufen (Ibuprofen) or Voveran (Diclofenac) for pain, as these can increase the problem.
  • Mostly the infection will be found on endoscopy, and you will be put on tablet Pantop HP kit, one tab twice a day for 14 days. But since that needs to be confirmed, I would not advise you that right now.
  • You need to be tested for TB (tuberculosis) as well given your history of a fever, weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, and family history of TB. I think the same physician can take care of that as well.
  • The testicular problem, however, will need more evaluation, get an ultrasound of both testis done, and kindly follow up with the report.

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Thank you doctor,

I consulted a doctor and got an endoscopy done yesterday. I have attached the reports and treatment slip. Kindly have a look and elaborate a little more about what is the problem. And also suggest that whether I should go with this treatment. The doctor said no need for a biopsy test as he knows what treatment should be given with endoscopy only. He said my stomach has become frothy almost similar to an ulcer. And also suggest what to eat and what to avoid. And thanks a lot for guiding me so nicely and warning me about this problem. Thank you.



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I am glad that you found my suggestions valuable.

  • Your endoscopy reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) suggests you have gastritis. But, there is no ulcer, which is a very good thing. This is not as serious or life-threatening as an ulcer and can be easily cured by medications and precautions.
  • It is caused by stress, irritants, and injurious substances. With all due respect and meaning no offense to your doctor, I do not fully understand his prescription note, because of his handwriting. I do not understand the merit of not doing a biopsy and testing for infection, which could have been very easily done.
  • Also, it is not clear how long is your treatment prescribed, whether he gave you a five-day treatment or two weeks. He must have told you all that orally, so please follow as suggested or clarify with him.
  • The medication will decrease the stomach acid that helps in healing the erosion. To prevent further problems quit smoking, alcohol, black tea, coffee, spicy, high-fat containing food.
  • Eat salads, fresh vegetables, and fruits on daily basis. You need to understand that all foods can be taken, in small amounts though, but do not binge on hot spicy meals along with alcohol.

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