Q. My fiance rubbed his genitals against mine. Should I take an I-pill?

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Dr. Sameer Kumar
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Hi doctor,

I am a 24 year old girl. I am a virgin, but I got close to my fiance the day before yesterday (20th day of my menstrual cycle). We did not have intercourse, but our genitals rubbed against each other multiple times. Is there any chance of me getting pregnant? Should I go for an I-pill? Also, if I avoid taking I-pill, can pregnancy be avoided later without going for a surgical abortion, if I come to know after, say, 15 to 20 days? I was reading online about precum and as I mentioned earlier, his genitals touched my genital lips multiple times. Although, ejaculation did not happen anywhere near my vagina and he wiped his penis with a towel. As soon as he wiped himself, we again got closer and our genitals rubbed and touched although there was no intercourse. I am very much afraid that this can result in a pregnancy. Since he just wiped himself with a towel, the microscopic sperm would have been left behind on his tip, which when touched my genital lips could have lead to a pregnancy (or not?).

Also, my periods are about to come in a few days. I am on day-22 of my menstrual cycle. Please confirm, If I get my periods on time this time, will it definitely confirm that there is no pregnancy? This episode happened on the 20th day of my menstrual cycle. Is the egg very fertile on this duration? What do you suggest in this situation? Please let me know clearly. Should I go for an I-pill or Unwanted 72? I am afraid of the side effects. Please revert soon as I am very stressed.

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Infertility Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

If your cycles have been regular, then intimacy on day-20 of your cycle would place you in the safe period. The life of the ovum is only 24 hours and ovulation occurs by mid-cycle. Also, there was no intercourse involved. Pre-cum has sperms, but if the ejaculation was outside and only the vaginal lips were touched, it becomes difficult for the sperms to travel all the way to the tubes without a traveling medium.

I-pill is not indicated for this exposure. However, to stop your anxiety, you may take it and shall experience withdrawal bleed in the next five to seven days which will indicate that there is no pregnancy.

The earliest you can take a pregnancy test is after seven days post exposure with a serum beta hCG test. So, if you do not wish to take I-pill, you can get this test done after seven days, which if negative, will rule out pregnancy conclusively.

For more information consult an Ob/Gynac doctor.

Thank You.

Hello doctor,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I personally do not wish to take I-pill due to its side effects. Please confirm that if I get my periods on time, will it definitely confirm that there is no pregnancy? Since I am on the 22nd day of my cycle and the whole thing happened on the 20th day of the cycle.

Shall I go ahead with testing pregnancy by home pregnancy test kit? If yes, after how many days can I use it and how much is the accuracy? What would be your personal suggestion? Should I go for any pill or is that not at all required?

I just want to make sure nothing goes wrong. Kindly revert.

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Infertility Obstetrics And Gynaecology


Welcome back to icliniq.com.

Once you get your menses, it would indicate that you are not pregnant. A urine pregnancy test can be done after eight days post missed menses to get accurate results.

In my opinion, the extent of exposure is not strong enough that it calls for an emergency contraception. So, you can avoid it and wait for your menses to arrive.

For more information consult an Ob/Gynac doctor.

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