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Rabies Immunoglobulin

Rabies immunoglobulin is the vaccine used to protect anyone who has been potentially exposed to the rabies virus. Rabies is spread to humans through an infected canine bite.

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I got bit by a chameleon, got vaccinated, now in pain. Why?

Query: Dear Doctor, I was bitten by a chameleon. I did take Vaxirab yesterday. Now I am feeling pain in my arm and a very little pain in my back. I fear if am infected by rabies? What should I do. Give me your advice.  Read Full »

Dr. Divakara. P

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Rabies will not affect too early. What you are having now, could be the side effects of Vaxirab. But if the rabies status of the chameleon is not known or if you cannot observe whether that chameleon lives for another 10 days, then you may also require Rabies Immunoglobul...  Read Full »

How many shots do you need after a dog scratches you?

Query: Hi doctor,I was scratched by a stray dog as he got excited while I fed him, and his nail scratched my knee. The dog was calm and had no unusual behavior. I washed the scratch and went to the emergency room for an injection. The doctor gave Rabivax and said immunoglobulin was not required as the scra...  Read Full »

Dr. Sugreev Singh

Answer: Hi,Welcome to understand your concern.You should not be worried much because you have been vaccinated, even with immunoglobulin. Please observe the dog, and if nothing changes, you can be chill. And if you are very curious, you can get follow-up vaccines on days 3, 7, 14, and 28. And i...  Read Full »

I took two doses of the rabies vaccine before coming in contact with my dog-bitten uncle. Am I safe?

Query: Hello doctor, I received two doses of rabies booster vaccine two months ago. I was in contact with my uncle seven days ago. He was bitten by a dog 12 days ago and received one dose of rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin on the day of the bite and was our guest three days after the first dose. He ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ighodalo Nathan

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Human-to-human transmission of rabies is practically impossible from the situation you described. Human-to-human transmission of rabies has only been documented in recipients of infected donor transplanted organs. Rabies is primarily transmitted from the bite of ...  Read Full »

Is it a must to report to hospital immediately after a dog bite?

Query: Hi doctor, A dog bit me hard in my leg. I had a lot of blood flowing from my wound. I cleaned the wound with disinfectant for 20 minutes. Now the blood flow has stopped. I have done preexposure prophylaxis before three months for safety. Do I have to go to the hospital immediately?  Read Full »

Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You should go to the hospital soon and begin post-exposure prophylaxis as early as possible. It is better to have rabies immunoglobulin injection soon. You should clean the wound with soap and water. Get a dressing from the doctor with a Betadine solution (Povidone-Iodi...  Read Full »

What are the signs of rabies in humans?

Query: Hi doctor, I was injured by a bone of a dead dog. The injury is on my right knee. I cleaned the wound with soap water and this happened a month ago. I am facing some problems like flu, body pain and headache for the last four days. How to know if I am affected by rabies? What are the tests needed t...  Read Full »

Dr. Ambekar Sudheer

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The indication for post-exposure vaccination with or without rabies immunoglobulin depends on the type of contact with the rabid animal. Types of contact are of three categories: 1. Category I – Touching or feeding the animals and licks on the skin. 2. Category II - Ni...  Read Full »

How long does the rabies vaccine stay effective?

Query: Hi doctor, I had 5 doses of rabies vaccine along with rabies immunoglobulin before two years. A month later again, I was bitten by a dog and took three doses of rabies vaccine. Then after a year when I was bitten by a dog, I had two doses of vaccine. Now, again, I was bitten by a stray dog and took ...  Read Full »

Dr. Vivek Chail

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The antirabies vaccine is usually protective for two years and the antibodies from first dose would have been at a protective level for you. This does not mean that the antibodies will go down after two years, but it only might go down. However, since you took two doses l...  Read Full »

Do I need to take another injection of HRIG for dog bite?

Query: Hello doctor, My pet dog has bitten me in the face which left two puncture wounds. The dog has been vaccinated before but was not vaccinated for two years now. I have been given HRIG a couple of years ago after the same dog bit me. What medications will I need?  Read Full »

Dr. Zirwa Sarfraz

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Please wash the affected area with warm water and soap, apply antiseptic (antibiotic) ointment on it every day to avoid any infection. Apply a sterile bandage on it if you need to. As for the vaccination, you do need a booster dose of HRIG (human rabies immunoglobul...  Read Full »

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