Q. What can be done to lower alkaline phosphatase level?

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Dr. Mahwish
Family Physician, General Practitioner


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Alkaline phosphatase levels are measured to detect any kind of liver or bone disorder in the body. ALP raises with blockage of bile ducts which owing to conditions called cirrhosis, inflammation of the gallbladder, the presence of stones in the gallbladder or maybe due to hepatitis. Bone diseases presenting with high ALP include vitamin D or calcium deficiency. I need answers of a few questions before I can suggest treatment. What is your age? Are you on any medications or have you used any medicine in the past six months? Do you have a history of liver or bone disease? Do you have any symptoms of pain? Other than these, I want you to share your ALP report.

The Probable causes:

Liver disease, drug intake.

Investigations to be done:

Complete LFTs, vitamin D levels, USG abdomen.

Differential diagnosis:

Hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, vitamin D deficiency.

Preventive measures:

Avoid food rich in zinc such as spinach and meat, increase fluid and dairy intake.

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