Q. What makes me sleepy the whole day?

Answered by Dr. Shivam Om Mittal and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M


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Hi doctor,

I am having issues with sleeping. I am exhausted all day every day, sleep 6 to 9 hours every night and take 2 to 3 hours nap every day. I am unable to control falling asleep. I am not on any medications.

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Can you see the attached CBC report, and let me know if there is anything serious ?

Dr. Shivam Om Mittal


Welcome to icliniq.com.

The reasons for sleepiness could be many. Firstly, could be related to the deficiency in vitamins in body or iron deficiency. This can be easily tested by blood tests. Secondly, hormonal changes can cause sleepiness, like low functioning thyroid gland, which can also be checked on the blood test.

Thirdly, sleep issues like sleep apnea or insomnia can cause daytime sleepiness which will require clinical assessment and sleep study. Finally, low mood or depression commonly causes sleepiness and feeling of exhaustion.

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