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Common Mistakes Made During Pregnancy

by Dr. Farhat Sultana at 29.May.2017 on Pregnancy and Trying to conceive



Pregnancy is all about happiness and joy of being a mother. Once you find out that you are pregnant, your world changes completely, and you will be confused what to do and what not to do. You and your baby bump begin to face all the little struggles of life together. I have discussed the common mistakes made during pregnancy. Whether you are pregnant or not, this would help you.

Image: Common Mistakes Made During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one stage where you are happy, excited, and elated to know there is a little life growing inside you. Initially, you will be really confused about all the stuff whether it is safe to do in pregnancy or not. Most of the mom-to-be go through this phase. The best way to find out is to consult your doctor. Apart from that, here is a little write up to help you out before coming to a conclusion. These are the five most common mistakes made during pregnancy.

No Exercise:

Here comes the most common confusion amongst pregnant women, whether to exercise or not. Some are couch potatoes, who do not exercise at all. Not to exercise during pregnancy is just a myth. You should start exercising from the initial days itself, as it will keep you and your baby healthy. It will also help you avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy. That does not mean you should do strenuous exercise, which can be harmful to you both. So, better hire a fitness expert and start doing it or you can stick to light exercises.

Reluctant to Take Medical Help or Medication:

I have seen many cases where people just come to the hospital to deliver the baby. They would have never consulted during the entire course of pregnancy. Some are even reluctant or negligent in taking medications on time. Some just self-medicate themselves with over-the-counter medicines, which are easily available in the pharmacy. This can turn out to be dangerous for both of you. So, going for timely checkups and scans will give a healthy bundle of joy in your hands.

Eating Excessively:

Many families encourage the pregnant woman to eat double the normal food she takes. That is a big no. Eating double is unnecessary and leads to excessive weight gain. It can even harm your baby as your baby just needs 300 calories. So, eating the right amount of food, both vegetables and fruits, will avoid excessive weight gain and keep you and your baby healthy.

Insomnia or Lack of Sleep:

Having 8 to 10 hours of sleep is a must during pregnancy, as it will relax you and keep you stress-free. Lack of sleep or insomnia might lead to many unnecessary diseases like diabetes, irregular heartbeats, etc. It will even stress you more, which will lead to psychological problems. So relax, be calm and have a very good sleep.


Stress is a big no during pregnancy. The more you stress, the more it will affect your baby indirectly. If something bothers you just calm down, meditate or just drink a glass of water and take a nap. That will definitely calm you down. Talking to your baby bump will also calm you down.

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