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Common Fears of a Mom-To-Be

Author: Dr. Vasantha K S - Pregnancy and Trying to conceive  

When you first find out you are pregnant, at first, there is excitement. But after the news has slowly sunk in, many emotions such as worries, fears, and concerns take over right away. Am I eating right? Is the baby healthy? There are just too many questions running in your mind. We have set the facts straight on when you don't need to worry.

Am I Gaining Too Much Weight?

This is probably the most common pregnancy worry that every woman would have. Wondering if you would ever shed off those additional pounds is reasonable. But, research has shown that staying within the recommended weight range during pregnancy would make it easier for you to lose the extra flab post delivery. And if you plan to breastfeed the baby, there is a good chance you will get back in shape sooner as breastfeeding is known to be associated with an increase in your body's metabolism. Also, your task would be made relatively easy if you stuck to a regime of regular moderate exercises and having a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Can I Sleep on My Back?

Many women ask if sleeping on their back would cut off the oxygen supply to the baby and if turning to the sides is a must. But, this is not of concern until you are six months pregnant. After you complete six months, there is a chance that the weight of your baby can put some pressure on an important vein and cut off blood flow to you and the baby. But, even if you happen to roll onto your back during your night's sleep unknowingly, there is still nothing much to worry about.

Will My Stress Affect the Fetus?

Everyone goes through some amount of stress at work or home. But, doctors believe that as long as it is at an acceptable level, your emotion is not going to harm your baby. Only when your stress is so high you cannot function, then there is a cause for concern. For example, when you go through something as big as the loss of a loved one or the end of a significant relationship.

What If I Had a Miscarriage?

This is another fear that many pregnant women commonly have, more so if she was trying to conceive for a long time or experienced a miscarriage before. But, statistics are reassuring. If the mother ate healthily and avoided any risk factors such as smoking, alcohol and caffeine intake, the baby should be perfectly alright. Even though factors such as advanced maternal age, genetic problems, a history of miscarriage or infections significantly increase the risk, it does not mean that having one or few of these risks will cause a miscarriage for sure.

Will Labor Be Too Tough?

While some women feel overwhelmed if they do not read up all the pregnancy health information they can lay their hands on, there are others who are the total contrast. They would just divert themselves from thoughts about pregnancy and prefer to wait for things to happen by themselves. Whichever be your type, it is always a good idea to know what to expect during labor. Labor is painful. That is undeniable. But, women have been successfully undergoing this process for innumerable years and so can you.

What If I Have an Early Delivery?

Yes, we do hear of premature births quite often now to keep us worried. While the concerns are for real, the fact is there are few things you can do to keep the risk away. They include not smoking or drinking and also going for your prenatal check-ups as per the schedule and taking Folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy.

Will I Be a Good Parent?

Even if you have no clue about feeding, changing or soothing a baby, you will still adapt and learn quickly just like you did after the news of your pregnancy. Your transition into parenthood would be so smooth that you realize it comes to you naturally. All that the baby needs from you is love and care.

What Tests Should I Undergo?

There are different tests your doctor would order at varying stages in the pregnancy. Read on to know when and why to take them.

First trimester:

  1. Blood tests such as rubella, toxoplasmosis and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and herpes are done to rule out infections that could cause congenital disabilities in the baby.
  2. Ultrasound to determine the age and number of the fetus.
  3. NT (nuchal translucency) scan to rule out genetic abnormalities.
  4. Trisomy 21 test to screen for Down's syndrome.

Second trimester:

  1. Amniocentesis is done if the doctor suspects a risk of defect or if there is a family history.
  2. UItrasound to check on the development of the fetus and also determine the gender of the baby.
  3. Glucose tolerance test to check for and treat gestational diabetes if any.

Third trimester:

  1. Group B Streptococcus to rule out infection.
  2. Ultrasound to check on the growth and position of the baby.
  3. Alpha-fetoprotein screening to rule out tube defects.

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