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Family Planning - Impact, Advantages and Benefits

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Every human has the right to choose what is best for them, and family planning allows them to do so. Read the article below to know more.

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Published At May 25, 2022
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What Is Family Planning?

Family planning is a broad notion that encompasses a variety of goals, such as the ideal age to conceive, the appropriate age gap between children, and how to avoid STDs. Have you ever heard the phrase "a small family is a happy family" and wondered why? It is because family planning has its own set of benefits. It improves a couple's financial situation, physical health, and social well-being, which benefits their relationship.

What Impact Does Family Planning Have On One's Life?

Family planning impacts everyone in the family, just as the size of the family has an impact on the quality of life. Let us take a look at everything in context:

The Basic Needs: As a family grows, the per capita income per individual portion decreases.

Fewer Savings: Financial troubles are expected when family planning is neglected. There is no room for the family's economic progress. As the number of people in a household grows, overall income is consumed by per capita income for individual requirements, leaving no savings.

Health: It is critical to recognize that family planning includes maternal health and STD prevention. When properly understood and implemented, family planning can enhance health by preventing unplanned pregnancy, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases.

What Are the Advantages of Family Planning to a Parent?

  • It enables them to have a satisfying sex life without the concern of unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

  • More time for educational pursuits with fewer children leads to improved work opportunities.

  • It helps to raise people's standard of living.

What Benefits Do Children Receive as a Result of Family Planning?

Family planning aids in:

  • Avoiding congenital disabilities.

  • Good prenatal care and nutrition.

  • Better conducive atmosphere for children's physical growth and development.

What Are the Methods of Family Planning?

Contraception can be obtained in two ways:

  • Naturally.

  • Artificially.

The natural ways of contraception include:

  • Abstinence - Abstinence means choosing not to have sexual intercourse. If two people do not have intercourse, sperm cannot fertilize an egg, so pregnancy is impossible. The most efficient birth control method is abstinence.

  • Withdrawal - The withdrawal method of contraception is to remove the penis from the vagina and away from the external genitals before ejaculation to avoid pregnancy.

  • Standard Days Method (SDM) - Standard days method (SDM) identifies the fertile and infertile stages of the menstrual cycle by utilizing the body's natural physiological changes and symptoms during the menstrual cycle. Fertility-based awareness strategy is the other name for this technique.

Artificial contraception is available in both temporary (interim) and permanent forms.

A. Interim Forms of Contraception:

  • Use of a Barrier - A condom (male or female) is used to prevent sperm from reaching the ovum in this method. Although not safe, this is the most often used type of contraception. Because condoms are 95% effective, there is a low risk of conception and are also quite effective in preventing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

  • Hormonal Method - The primary hormones involved in the menstrual cycle are estrogen and progesterone. Hormonal methods include raising or lowering the amount of hormone which aids in pregnancy. Hormonal contraceptives prevent pregnancy by preventing the ovaries from producing eggs or thickening the mucus in the cervix, preventing sperm from passing through the uterus. As a result, it prevents the egg from fertilizing.

Hormonal way of contraception can be done in either one of the following ways:

  • Contraceptive pills.

  • Vaginal rings.

  • Patches.

  • Direct injection of hormones.

  • Intradermal implants.

  • Intrauterine Device - Intrauterine devices are T-shaped copper or plastic rings placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

B. Permanent Form of Contraception:

  • Tubectomy - Tubectomy is a long-term contraception procedure for women, commonly known as tubal sterilization. It is a surgical technique that blocks the fallopian tubes, thus preventing the eggs from reaching the uterus.

  • Vasectomy - Vasectomy is a type of male birth control that restricts the supply of sperm to the semen. The sperm tubes are cut and sealed to do this.

How Effective Are The Natural Contraceptive Methods?

Abstinence is the most effective (100%) natural birth control approach, while withdrawal and calculating a safe sex period are comparatively less effective (80%).

What Are the Chances of Becoming Pregnant as a Result of Withdrawal Sex?

The failure of the pull-out procedure happens when the penis is not being drawn out before ejaculation. Many people intend to withdraw but forget or change their minds in the heat of the moment because you need to pull out just when those delightful sex feelings are at their peak, which is challenging to master. Due to its high failure probability, withdrawal is not advised as an effective method of birth control.

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant With Precum?

Although the chances of becoming pregnant via pre-cum are slim, it is conceivable. When an individual is turned on, a small amount of fluid oozes out, and this oozing pre-cum is involuntary.

If sperm is present in pre-cum and it enters the vaginal canal, it has the potential to cause a pregnancy by fertilizing an egg. There is no way to tell if there is sperm in pre-cum, so the withdrawal method is not the most effective at preventing pregnancy, even if it is done before ejaculation.

Is Sterilization a Safe Procedure?

Sterilization (tubal ligation or vasectomy) is relatively safe, with few problems. However, like any medical operation, there are a few potential hazards, such as:

Does Sterilization Affect Sex Life?

No, the sterilization procedure prevents sperm and ovary contact. It has nothing to do with erection, arousal, or any sexual feeling or activity.

Which Is Better Vasectomy or Tubectomy and Why?

This is a critical discussion that a couple needs to discuss when thinking about permanent birth control. Most doctors advise men to undergo vasectomy, and a vasectomy is a less invasive and risky treatment than a tubectomy. There are no stitches in a non-scalpel vasectomy. In addition, vasectomy reversal is thought to be more effective than tubectomy.


There are various ways of birth control available on the market. The choice of birth control depends on the life situation the partners are in. It is advisable to opt for artificial birth control methods as they are more effective. Also, it is important to understand that women are not proponents of surgical birth control. Patriarchal mindsets lead the population to believe that family planning is primarily the responsibility of women. It is erroneous to emphasize that this is just a men's issue or a women's issue; it is, in fact, a societal issue.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Is Family Planning Done?

Family planning is done by adopting the following methods:
- Long-acting reversible contraception by the implant or intrauterine device (IUD).
- Hormonal contraception by the pill or the progestin injection.
- Barrier methods like condoms for both men and women.
- Emergency contraception pills.
- Fertility awareness.
- Permanent contraception by vasectomy and tubal ligation.


What Are the Various Types of Family Planning Methods For Women?

The various family planning methods are short-acting hormonal contraceptive methods, like the pill, mini-pill, patch, shot, and vaginal ring, preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs or preventing sperm from reaching the egg. Barrier methods, like condoms, diaphragms, sponges, and cervical caps, prevent sperm from reaching the egg.


What Does Family Planning Mean and Why Is It Important?

Family planning means planning and deciding how many children to have and when to have them. Family planning is important because it allows the spacing between the children. It served three important purposes:
- It avoids unintended pregnancies.
- It decreases the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
- It addresses the problem of STDs which decreases rates of infertility.


Which Method Can Be Considered As the Best for Family Planning?

The best method for family planning varies from person to person. Generally, a male condom, along with another birth control method is considered the best way to practice family planning.


How Can Early Pregnancy Be Prevented?

There are different methods available to prevent pregnancy. However, early pregnancy can be best prevented by sexual abstinence. This method guarantees no risk of getting pregnant and provides protection against STDs.


Which Method Is Safest for Birth Control?

Sexual abstinence is safest for birth control, and fertility awareness comes next. However, contraceptive methods are more than 99 % effective.


What Are the Side Effects of Family Planning?

Side effects of family planning include menstrual changes (heavier bleeding, amenorrhea, or oligomenorrhea), changes in body weight, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and cardiovascular issues. Additionally, women may face fears of long-term adverse effects of contraceptive use, like infertility and complications with childbirth.


What Is the Best Family Planning Method for Females?

The best family planning method for females is the use of implants and IUDs (intrauterine devices). They are the most convenient to use, and the most foolproof. Other birth control techniques, such as the pill, ring, patch, and shot, are also methods of preventing pregnancy if used correctly.


When Can a Woman Start Family Planning?

A woman can initiate family planning practice after childbirth. It can be started when normal secretions return (for symptoms-based methods) or when the women had three regular menstrual cycles (for calendar-based methods).


What Are the Family Planning Methods for Males?

The different family planning methods for males are vasectomy (permanent method), using condoms (barrier method), and withdrawal method used during the sexual activity.


Is It Safe For Males to Practice Family planning?

It is absolutely safe for men to practice family planning. The safe methods for men are vasectomy and using condoms.


What Happens in a Man Who Had a Vasectomy?

During a vasectomy, the vas deferens are cut, which blocks the entry of sperm into the semen or out of the body. A man who had a vasectomy makes semen and ejaculates too. Vasectomy does not affect the sex drive or the ability to enjoy sex. Erections and ejaculation occur as usual, but semen does not contain sperm.
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