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Epilator - An Overview

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Epilator is an electronic device that is used for epilation. Epilation is the procedure of removal of hair from the surface of the skin in a mechanical way.

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Published At February 22, 2023
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An epilator is an electrical device that is used for removing unwanted hair. The process involves mechanically grasping multiple hairs and simultaneously pulling them out of the skin's surface. Pulling the hair out of the skin surface using an epilator is similar to a waxing procedure. Still, they do not remove the cells from the epithelium (a type of thin tissue that covers the glands, organs, and tissues) and epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). Epilators work on electric motors manually powered by springs with various attachments. A smaller head helps with the exploitation of removing hair in difficulty in accessing areas. Epilation may be painful in some people because it involves pulling hair out of the roots like waxing. Pain caused by epilation can be controlled by,

  • Reducing the device speed.

  • Relaxing the skin with a hot shower bath.

  • Numbing using the cream before epilation.

What Is an Epilator?

Epilator is an electric machine that is used for hair removal on different parts of the body. The epilation method is used in removing unwanted hair. Some methods are better than others, such as tweezing, waxing, plucking, and shaving, which can eliminate unwanted hair and can be less than desired. An epilator is an electrical device to remove the hair directly from the roots.

  • Dry Epilator - It is used without water.

  • Wet Epilator - It is used with water and provides the convenience of removing hair during the bath or shower.

Some may experience pain and discomfort with epilation during the first time, and also, for some people, their skin may be more sensitive than others.

How Is Epilator Used on the Skin Surface?

Epilator used for epilation is similar to waxing in removing hairs from the root surface of the skin. However, it plucks away the hair instead of wax as one moves the device over different body areas. Epilators can achieve the best results by exfoliating the skin. An epilator removes dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs.


  • By positioning the epilator at 90-degree angulation to the skin.

  • Do not press the device against the skin. Instead, hold it loosely against the skin.

  • Pull the skin tightly and slowly move the epilator opposite to the direction of the hair growth.

  • If one moves the epilator in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair at the skin, they may.

What Are the Tips Available While Using an Epilator?

There are a few tips available for managing the use of an epilator. They are,

  • Some people may experience redness and skin irritation after using an epilator which can be reduced after a couple of hours. Since using an epilator at night might be better than daytime.

  • Different speed settings are available in the epilator, starting with a lower setting and then gradually increasing the speed to see how much speed one can tolerate.

  • One should be patient for the best results by slowly moving the device across the body. Moving quickly can leave hairs on the skin.

  • Cleaning the epilator regularly after each use and also periodic cleaning helps in reducing skin infection. Remove any lingering hair, and alcohol is used for cleaning the device.

What Are the Benefits of Different Types of Hair Removal?

Pain is the only disadvantage of using an epilator. The benefits of using an epilator are listed below:

  • Smoother Skin for a Longer Period: After using an epilator, one of the best benefits is that they may also get smoother skin. These results may last longer than other hair removal methods, such as shaving, tweezing, and hair removal creams. But results can vary from person to person, such as having smoother skin for up to four weeks because it takes a more extended period to regrow hair on the removed area.

  • Used in Removing Very Short Hair: In removing shorter hair, epilation may be an option because waxing is not always effective on shorter hair since waxing can press wax against the skin's surface. Then only hair does not lift from the roots of the hair.

  • Less Hair Is Grown in Slower Time: While following this method, the hair grows back softer and finer, even growing at a prolonged rate. Epilators are used on different body parts, including legs, arms, pubic areas, and the face.

Are There Any Risks of Using an Epilator?

Using an epilator is the safer way, and also it removes unwanted hair. However, one may have discomfort and also pain the first time. In addition, when using the device too fast or moving against the direction of hair growth may break the hair than pulling it out from the root. Shorter and broken hairs result in infection and also may become ingrown hair.

How to Choose the Epilator for Facial Hair?

Epilators are not always recommended for facial hair removal. But there are epilators available specifically for facial hairs. Removing unwanted hair from facial hair-grown areas finds the right specific epilator. Before that test with the smaller skin surface area, see how one's skin reacts while using this device.

How to Choose the Best Epilator for Thicker Hair?

Epilators remove thicker and heavy hairs from the face, arms, and pubic area. Epilators also have stronger motors and tweezer heads that help to manage thick, coarse hair. While using an epilator for removing pubic hair is best to try the epilator in a smaller area to check whether it is irritating or causes the rash. In public areas, one should always use an oil or moisturizer with no fragrances.

What Are the Things to Be Noted While Purchasing the Epilator?

Generally, there are three types of epilators:

  • Electric Spring Type Epilators: Works on a spring coil that twists and grabs the hair mechanically and removes it from the skin surface. Avoid using older models of epilators. Instead, try newer and long-lasting ones.

  • Rotating Disc Epilators: It works on a spring mechanism that rotates with multiple smaller springs. Avoid using lower quality models which break easily because of more moving parts.

  • Tweezer-Typed Epilators: In this, tiny tweezer-like plates are used to grab the hairs. Most of the new upcoming models are this type.


Epilation is the process that can leave one's skin smoother and results in lasting around four weeks. The only disadvantage is pain. The more one chooses an updated and good-quality model epilator; it may become one's favorite hair removal technique.

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