What Is Palm Line Surgery?
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Palm Line Surgery: An Overview

Published on May 29, 2023   -  4 min read


Palm line surgeries are done to alter or modify the lines present on the palms. Read the article below to know more about it.


Palm line surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that changes the lines and wrinkles on the palms of the hand. Palmistry surgery or palm line surgery is usually done in Asian countries like China, Japan, and South Korea. According to palmistry, the lines present on the palm reflect the future and character of a person. It is said to reflect relationships, careers, and people's health. Some people believe that changing the lines present on the palms can also change their future. The palm line surgery includes rearranging the lines by making incisions on the palms. It is usually done under local anesthesia and takes around half an hour to one hour. After the surgical procedure, the palm is wrapped with a bandage for a few days, which helps in healing. There is also a controversy regarding palm line surgery, that changing the lines present on the palm can have a negative impact on life. But, there is no scientific evidence to link the palm line with a person's future.

What Is Palm Line Surgery?

Palmistry surgery, chiromancy surgery, or palm land surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that includes changing the lines and wrinkles present on the palms of the hand. Some people believe that this palm line is linked with the people's personality, fortune, and future. Prognosis can vary depending on various factors like the patient's goal, the type of surgical procedure performed, and the individual's overall health.

What Are the Advantages of Palm Line Surgery?

The advantages of palm line surgery include the following:

  • Increases self esteem.

  • Improves appearance.

  • Cultural benefits.

  • Corrects physical deformities.

What Are the Disadvantages of Palm Line Surgery?

The disadvantages of palm line surgery include the following:

  • The surgical procedure can result in complications like bleeding, infection, scarring, and nerve damage.

  • There is no scientific evidence to prove the changing of the lines present on the palms affects the future or fortune of an individual.

  • The palm line surgical procedure can be expensive.

  • It takes several weeks to recover from the palm line surgery. Some activities and certain tasks should be limited during this period.

What Are the Indications of Palm Line Surgery?

Palm-line surgery is usually done by personal choice. It is not medically needed in any case. The indications of palm line surgery include the following:

  • People who have the desire to alter the appearance of the palm because of cosmetic reasons.

  • To increase self-esteem and confidence issues in some people because of the negative impact of the appearance of the palm lines. They can feel more confident and increase their self-esteem with altered palm lines.

  • A few cultures believe that the palm lines represent the character or traits and future. Altering or changing the palm lines is desired to improve fate and fortune.

  • In rare cases, some physical deformities in the palms may be corrected using cosmetic surgery like palm line surgery.

What Are the Contraindications of Palm Line Surgery?

The contraindications of palm line surgery include the following:

  • People with pre-existing medical conditions like immune system disorders or bleeding disorders are not indicated for palm line surgery, because it can increase the risk of complications.

  • People who have an allergy to any medications or anesthesia are not indicated for this procedure.

  • Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant are contraindicated from any type of cosmetic surgery including palm line surgery.

  • People with underlying psychological issues, like dysmorphic disorder, are not indicated for this surgery, because changing the palm line does not resolve the underlying psychological disorders.

  • People with unrealistic expectations are not indicated for this surgery.

  • Individuals below the age of 18 years are not suitable for palm line surgery.

Which Are the Types of Palm Line Surgery?

The type of palm line surgery is selected depending on the goal of the individual. The common types of palm line surgery include the following:

  • Line removal.

  • Line addition.

  • Line modifications.

  • Combination surgeries.

Which Methods Are Used for Palm Line Surgery?

Different methods that are used in palm line surgery include the following:

  • Traditional Incision Method - It is a commonly used method and it is done by making small incisions using a scalpel to alter the lines present on the palms.

  • Laser Method - This method uses a laser to change the lines present on the palms. It is considered to be less invasive than the other method and will result in less scarring.

  • Tissue Expansion Method - A small balloon-like device is placed under the skin. It will gradually inflate over time, which will result in stretching the tissue and skin present in the palms, creating new or modifying the palm lines.

  • Derma Filler Method - Hyaluronic acid is injected into the palms which will modify the palm lines.

How Is Palm Line Surgery Performed?

The palm line include the following surgical procedures:

  • Anesthesia - A local or general anesthesia is given to numb the palm area to do the procedure.

  • Incisions - Small incisions are made on the palms which give access to the underlying tissue.

  • Alteration of the Palm Lines - Alteration or changes are done to the palm lines to get the desired effect. It can include removing and repositioning of tissue and skin which will create new lines or can modify the existing lines.

  • Closure - After the completion of the alteration, the incisions are closed using stitches or surgical glue.

  • Recovery - After the completion of the procedure, the patient is advised to take rest and avoid doing certain activities which helps to improve healing.


In conclusion, a cosmetic surgery that involves changing the lines present in the palm is called palm line surgery. Some people believe that the lines present in the palms can change a person's relationship and future, but there is no scientific evidence to support this. There are some potential risks and complications that may be present after the palm line surgery. So always consult qualified medical personnel to know about the benefits and complications associated with palm line surgery.

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