Q. While extraction, I was told that my tooth was attached to bone. Is it common?

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Image: While extraction, I was told that my tooth was attached to bone.  Is it common?

Hi doctor,

During a recent extraction of 9 teeth, the dentist said that my right upper back molar had attached itself to the bone. When he tried to extract it a piece of my jaw bone cracked off, pierced the sinus cavity and punctured an artery. Blood spurted everywhere and they frantically applied pressure and packing until it stopped. They sutured it and sent me home with Penicillin. The dentist acted very casual like it happens all the time. I cannot find anything about this subject on the internet. It has been eight days and I have been weak and experiencing constant cold sweats. I do not have fever. I am still spitting out fresh clots of blood three or four times a day. They are not very large, but they are definitely fresh. Is this something that happens frequently with lasting and future effects? What is your opinion of these events?

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Dr. Sandeep Menon


Welcome to icliniq.com.

  • The tooth must have been ankylosed, which means fused to the bone.
  • Also, it must have been really close to an artery and the laceration of which caused the hemorrhage. But, there is nothing to worry.
  • Even though this is uncommon, the wound will heal. Use Betadine mouthwash daily for at least three times daily. Keep the socket clean.
  • Arterial repair takes some time. Please avoid spitting out blood. This will keep dislodging the clot. The clot formation should happen naturally without disruption.

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