Q. My father has bladder spasms after a bladder scraping. How to get rid of it?

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Dr. Saurabh S Pandya
and medically reviewed by Dr. Nithila A

Hello doctor,

My dad had a scraping of his bladder two months ago, it was extremely painful afterward, supposed to be a day surgery, he had to spend next two days in the hospital, with horrific bladder spasms. When he came home, he has had numerous, constant UTIs and also a kidney infection more weeks going to the hospital for IV antibiotics, and now again on antibiotics at home for another UTI. His bladder cancer is in the earliest of stages.

His surgeon most likely wants to scrape 1 or 2 more times. He said he maybe got 70 percent of it the first time. I do not wish to my dad to go through more pain and complications. What can you recommend? Should he be monitored and if it gets into the wall later have his bladder removed?


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The bladder spasm could be due to infection, coexisting enlarged prostate, or any intra-bladder chemo medicine given after surgery. Treating his disease is the first step. Urine cultures will help. Giving anticholinergics is next step to relax the bladder. The third will be to do a uroflow if not done and treat his prostate if there is any obstruction to flow. You may send any reports if you have them. Removing the bladder is a valuable exercise and is the last resort for superficial tumors.

For deep tumors or recurrent tumors, there is no other option but the removal of bladder or radiotherapy. Better to preserve the bladder and treat tumor endoscopically if it is not deep or aggressive. For symptomatic relief, you may ask for Pyridium tablets (Phenazopyridine) or Amitryptylline as a temporary measure to reduce the burning.

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